May 172010

Now – did you see the monstrous, fiscally un-conservative mailer from  Thomas the Tax Engine? So did I, it was cat-pan liner. I cut and pasted some analysis from Team Carly as to why our favorite Marxist Republican is not on the air – anywhere.

Happy Monday –

Over here at Team Carly, while we are watching our ads on the airwaves increase in frequency, reports over the last couple of days confirm that Tom Campbell has canceled his television AND his radio time – all of it – for this week.

The Campbell camp is exhaling a lot of hot air as they struggle to come up with any good reason for why, but we sure have been amused by the excuses so far:

1.     Campbell is going to move numbers with that larger-than-life photo of himself that he’s mailing Republicans. Newsflash, we too are sending mail to Republicans statewide…and it may or may not include a photo of Tom as well.

(Any sheep on that mailer? – inquiring bloggers want to know…)

2.     TV won’t break through because of the Steve-Meg slugfest. True, Tom’s less than $100,000 buy for this week really would not have been competition for Steve and Meg.

3.     They are husbanding resources for an ad blitz in the final few weeks. Could be, but it seems if that were true, they would have reserved more than $200,000 in time over the final two weeks of the primary campaign.

4.     They are ahead and are therefore holding resources for the general. Sounds like a bold move when more than one-third of voters are undecided in the primary.

5.     Carly has bought $2.2 million in TV and has not moved in the polls. First, the majority of our ad buy has yet to air and more importantly, the polling out there on the primary race does not account for the time we have been on the air. But nice try on that one, Team Campbell.

6.     And finally, my personal favorite: Tom is ahead in the polls so they don’t need to spend as much on TV. We really hope they believe their own spin there – because if they do, they certainly are not looking at the same polling we are!

(If Team Campbell actually said that, they should open a satellite office in Guyana)

It looks to this blogger that Thomas the Tax engine was only Conservative about his fund-raising… whoops. I think he got that one backwards.

Rumor has it that Carly is going to pick up another wad of endorsements… the rats are scurrying off the deck of the Tomtanic.

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