May 022010

If I was Incumbent Assembly Politician Chuck DeVore – I would be looking for some serious spin right now. DeVore voted for Tom Campbell’s 2005 disaster known as a budget with the largest spending increase in state history.

(Tom Campbell was the author on behalf of Arnold)

There is also a nice website set up to educate voters about Tom Campbell., it is much more sophisticated than – but both should end up in the RINO hunter hall of fame.

Mailer 1 that hit two weeks ago featured a letter from the Howard Jarvis Taxpayer’s Association… and it lit Tom Campbell up for being part of the spending problem.

Flip it over and there is a laundry list of tax increases Tom Campbell participated in, sponsored, supported, proposed or voted for. Abel Maldonado would be proud.

Mailer 2 hit today. It was equally as brutal. It asks why won’t Tom Campbell Sign the Taxpayer Protection Pledge?

Flip the mailer over, and here we go again.

Tom Campbell seems to be obsessed with raising Gas taxes. In 1988 he wanted 12 cents, in 1992 he introduced a bill to raise by 6 cents and in 2009 32 cents for California plus a carbon emissions tax!

Most importantly, side two lights Tom Campbell up for the disastrous 2005 budget which paved the way for today’s massive deficits.

Please voters. Make him go away – vote for Carly Fiorina, we can’t afford Tom Campbell.

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