May 092010

Take a look at the back side of the Hit-Piece against Tom Campbell – Thomas the Tax Engine.

Tom Campbell – the man obsessed with

Gas Taxes
Carbon Taxes
Taxing the Internet
Taxing services

… and Prop 1A that would have extended the largest tax increase in state history for another two years…

got lit up again. The American Future Fund sent mailer number three out – this time they quoted Lew Uhler from the National Tax-Limitation Committee.

Uhler points out that Tom Campbell wrote the 2005 budget with an unsustainable $12 Billion Dollar increase in spending.

The borrowing in that budget is a major factor in today’s $20+ Billion dollar deficit.

And again – the mailer directs you to

Give Tom Campbell somewhere to go and support Carly Fiorina today…

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