May 142010

I blogged on this 4/4/2010.

It is worth mentioning again – especially with Tom Campbell writing the 2005 budget that increased spending a whopping $12 billion (over 10%) in one year and Chuck DeVore voting for it. (AKA Tom Campbell mixed the kool-aid, DeVore Drank it)

Now Doctor DeVore (Pain-Killers Optional) is on candid camera in the utube world talking tax increases.

27 days to inevitability.

For your viewing pleasure – click here: Incumbent Assembly Politician Chuck DeVore in his own words

  3 Responses to “Incumbent Assembly Politician Chuck DeVore on Higher Taxes: Everything is on the Table”

  1. Another attempt to smear the only conservative in the race, it was in fact this issue that defined Chuck’s career in the Assembly. Let’s educate the paid staff of Fiorina (err… Aaron Park.) It is time for Carly to drop out and stop splitting the conservative vote against the only conservative who can beat Boxer (without loaning himself money to make up for the grassroots and volunteer support he does not have.)

    Editor’s note: Due to the fact that this comment included an insult and inaccurate information in the above paragraph, it has been cut short.

    Bob – if that’s your name. Try quoting facts you know – I don’t mind getting insulted, but you folks in the DeVore camp are obsessed. He is so hung up on himself he can’t even use the endorsements he has to make his campaign… no wonder why people are jumping ship.

  2. In addition….

    The date on this video is wrong: it’s from early 2009, not early 2008. It’s also important to know the context: Chuck DeVore was participating in a bluff by the Assembly Republican leadership — he never had any intention of proposing or supporting a tax hike. The Democrats called that bluff — and when the Assembly Republican leadership folded, Chuck DeVore wants us all to believe only he stood firm against a tax-hike compromise. Chuck resigned his leadership position when he knew Carly was entering the race rather than support what became Proposition 1A. That’s how strongly he stands against raising taxes (except for the 2005 and 2008 budgets).

    The bottom line is that Chuck DeVore is an Incumbent Assembly Politician who plays games with taxes and always has. Compared with Tom Campbell, who supported multiple tax hikes in 2009, or Carly Fiorina, who we claim advocated taxing Internet sales in 2000, Chuck DeVore is the only Republican candidate in the US Senate race we can trust on taxes!

  3. Nobody reads this blog, even if this was a true accusation it would go unnoticed.

    Editor’s Note – you guys do, and I’ll go have another donut! Let the beatings continue.

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