May 072010

We are winning everywhere.

We are killing them in Sacramento!

We are gaining in Santa Ana!

Bakersfield is ours, Monetery, Crescent City, Alturas… they are in the sights of our troops!

I am Chuck DeVore – and I don’t need Sarah Palin to win!

Take a look at the latest Email from Chuck DeVore:

Dear Aaron Park

They say that Chuck can’t raise the money to win this race. The numbers say otherwise.
They say that Chuck is too conservative to beat Barbara Boxer. The polls say otherwise.
They say you better give up your pipe-dream of electing a proven leader and conservative to the U.S. Senate.
What do you say?
Make a donation TONIGHT to show that you know who the true conservative is in the race and that he CAN win.
DeVore for California

P.S. Look for a special email from Chuck about the state of the race soon.

That Special Email is linked here – please note that it is full of his opinions about Carly that may or may not have basis in fact – suggesting that the above picture of DeVore is an accurate representation.

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