May 042010

Today – it was about Robo-calls.

You know. Those pre-recorded calls you get a ton of around election time?

Chuck DeVore came unscrewed today – I think because two Major Pro-Life Groups Endorsed Carly – but he used the occasion of the Robo-Calls to level his latest accusation.

Oh Gheez. Chuck DeVore took to twitter to accuse Carly Fiorina of making “illegal” Robo-Calls. (By the way, according to sources, the Robo-Calls were messages from 90+% CRA Rated Conservative Diane Harkey announcing her endorsement of Carly. Harkey’s Assembly District neighbors DeVore’s – what does she know that we don’t?)


Carly’s Campaign had something to say about that:

These calls are perfectly legal. I guess Chuck DeVore’s understanding of this law matches his understanding of the prohibition on the use of taxpayer dollars to fund campaigns.” (See also Josh Trevino et. al.)

Translation – shut up and campaign… which is hard for DeVore to do as he lacks the funds to walk and chew gum at the same time.


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  4 Responses to “Incumbent Assembly Politician Chuck DeVore Gets Caught Twitter-Whining…”

  1. Devore continues to surge….

  2. DeVore is the only true conservative that doesn’t have to go around paying people to endorse him, like Carly does. If she were all that conservative she would have gotten the backing of the CRA! As far as I’m concern HARKEY is out of here! She’s in my district and I’m voting her out! Remember Carly Firorina is the one who sold HP cartridges to IRAN and now is caught up in a fiasco with wrongful dealings in MOSCOW, RUSSIA.

  3. Alexandra – thanks for reading!

    A Butte County Supervisor and a Chico City Council Member just endorsed Carly – were they paid? Or, are you just saying that Harkey was paid? I’m confused…

    The CRA? Chuck and his crew left right after they got the endorsement… some loyalty, huh? Most in the CRA only knew Carly through what Chuck said about her and at that Chuck only won by three votes… not exactly convincing.

    HP Cartridges to IRAN!? Wow! That’s as bad as missiles and nukes like France did, huh? Maybe that’s up there with those evil Robo-calls?

    You sound angry – did Carly do something bad to you when you were a child? Help me understand better…

  4. If it’ not following the rules as laid out in CPUC 2871-2876, it’s sure as heck illegal.

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