May 282010

Nice, huh? A lot has been made over how Chuck DeVore’s campaign being subsidized by the taxpayers.

While DeVore’s taxpayer paid staff claim there is a bright line between their staff activities and campaign activities –

Chuck DeVore himself just set them all ablaze.

What am I referring to? DeVore took his per-diem payment on Tuesday then had an Assembly Sargeant drive him to the Airport so he could fly down to Southern California to a debate on “John and Ken”.

DeVore wasn’t the only person who signed in and skipped out – but he was unique in one thing… (citing the Assembly Daily Journal)

By unanimous consent, the following Assembly Members were granted leaves of absence for the day:

On legislative business: Assembly Members Bass, Gilmore,and Nava.
On legislative business, and waiving per diem: Assembly Members De La Torre and Villines.
Because of illness: Assembly Members Evans, Hall, and Logue.

Notice – no DeVore. While tax-raising Assembylmember Mike Villines waived his per-diem, DeVore did not.

Chuck DeVore holds himself out to a higher standard in his campaigning.

In any event – the taxpayers bought DeVore’s plane ticket that day, how nice.

Yet – when you look at the above – he looks like an Incumbent Assembly Politician… or better a Scum-Sucking Politician / Thief.

I don’t know if I’d get quite that dramatic – but I rather think I’d settle for the term Hypocrite.

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  One Response to “CA-Sen Update: Did Chuck DeVore take a taxpayer subsidized debate trip?”

  1. It actually doesn’t say DeVore left at all or even the day of the roll call. I understand your goal but would appreciate (some, any, a tad) of fact and proof in your blogs. You really are good at spin Aaron but creativity is not actuallity. I hear such diverse things about you from so many. Look forward to meeting.

    Editor’s Note – Hi Sarah, we met at the CRP Convention, I have known Rodney for several years…

    As to the roll call – Chuck signed in to get his per-diem, then was physically in the Studio of John and Ken later that day. This means that Chuck must have failed to mention that he was leaving Sacramento.

    The proof is in the Tape of the John and Ken show – plus photographs of the three candidates in the studio.

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