Apr 072010

Congressman Mike Thompson hires a private investigator to crawl in to every detail of Robert Stryk.

Mysterious attack websites pop-up.

The Town Manager of Yountville Comments on a previous post.

And now there is a Website – Yountville Exposed. While some complain that this derides Yountville – it is about the people that infest government in Yountville.

This is not a Danielle Steele novel – this is Yountville, CA.

The Town Manager set me straight – telling me that Yountville is a Town of 3400 people with 24 City employees (not 30 as I had written). He insisted that none of them were related to the City Councilmembers. I forgot to ask him to define related.

If my home town of Rocklin had the same ratio of population to staff – we’d have 396 City Employees. Ouch. (That doesn’t include Police and Fire, either)

A friend on the Rocklin City Council emailed to tell me that Rocklin has 260 total employees including Police and Fire. This seems to suggest that Yountville does indeed have a bloated bureaucracy for a Town of 3400.

He also went on to tell me that it was a Town Center, not a visitor center that was built and they sold bonds (aka raised everyone’s property taxes) to finance the project. Nice.

Yountville does not have its’ own police force – they contract with the Napa County Sheriff’s department. Enter Mike Thompson again – his son is a Sheriff Deputy who does not like Robert Stryk very much.

Congressman Mike Thompson’s Son also has interesting tastes in Emails.

Say what you want about the spat between Stryk and the Napa County Sheriff’s department or the story from the local paper that was not complementary about Mr. Stryk… Yountville’s establishment is in an uproar.

This is a classic Democrat vs. Republican race – in the middle of Mike Baghdad Thompson’s district… end of story.

Even though John Dunbar is a Registered Republican – he is a shill and donor for Congressman Mike Baghdad Thompson.

When you add the PI that Thompson is paying, the Sheriff’s behavior, the illegal newspaper and the behavior of the Villagio’s owners – – –

It is a mess.

The Villagio – the hotel in the middle of the controversy – owned by some major Democrat Donors was also a central point in the negotiations for Health Care Reform.

I don’t think the Villagio is going to accept a reservation from this blogger anytime soon.

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  2 Responses to “Yountville Exposed. Congressman Mike Thompson vs Robert Stryk?”

  1. So why did Jon Fleischman go after Stryk? Is Flash working for the Dems?

  2. Did the Town Manager mention that 1800 of the 3400 residents are in the VA and it is well taken care of by the Federal Government, not the city.

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