Apr 272010

Faith. Belief in something greater than one’s self. Faith is usually grounded in real-life events and in strengthened by practice thereof and developing a lifestyle.

Faith is powerful – it spawned the greatest movement in Civilization, Christianity.

The LA Times printed an article about the Chuck DeVore for US Senate Campaign.

The article is written by Seema Mehta – someone who has been consistent in her disdain of Carly Fiorina and preferring to treat Tom Campbell with Kid Gloves. So, it comes as no surprise to this blogger that the article about DeVore would be fairly well balanced.

Mehta even takes a swipe at Fiorina in this article as well – this suggests that the MSM establishment least prefers Fiorina to win the primary.

The answers to that hypothesis are two fold – 1. Tom Campbell is a Democrat. So he’d be scarcely different than Boxer. 2. Chuck DeVore is safely in third place and is not a threat. (from the perspective of the LA Times)

This is why the title proudly advertises the weakness of DeVore’s campaign.

Take a look at these quotes from the article:

In the first three months of 2010, DeVore raised the least money, ended the quarter with the least cash on hand and spent the least among the three main GOP Senate candidates. Former Hewlett-Packard chief Carly Fiorina had nearly seven times as much on hand after debts, and former U.S. Rep Tom Campbell had more than three times DeVore’s accumulation.

Ballot titles matter a lot in California,” DeVore told a Family Action PAC luncheon at the Pacific Club in Newport Beach. “They called me a California state assemblyman. That’s like saying Chuck DeVore’s a thief. My actual title is assemblyman/military reservist. In our internal polling, that change alone doubled my support, when people found out I was not merely a scum-sucking politician.


But they also have started advertising on television, which is considered a necessity, albeit an expensive one, in a state as sprawling as California. DeVore has said that he is not planning to run television ads and that he believes Fiorina’s and Campbell’s small ad buys will be overwhelmed by the saturation advertising airing in the Republican gubernatorial race.

When you rely on contingencies out of your control, you’re in trouble.

DeVore’s voter outreach includes billboards, radio ads, yard signs that supporters can print, mailers and intense use of social media. Some of these pieces show how humble his campaign is: His daughter designed the billboards; his radio ads end “This is Chuck DeVore. Not only do I approve this message, I wrote it.”

“That’s not just a Hail Mary pass, that’s the whole rosary,” said Jack Pitney, a former national GOP official who now teaches government at Claremont-McKenna College.

With respect to Jack – discounting DeVore is insane. It ain’t over until the last hanging chad is counted. I tend to agree with Larry Gerston from San Jose State who said:

“Before people totally discount someone like Chuck DeVore, you have to give it another three weeks,” he said. “At that point, if it hasn’t kicked in yet, I think you can start issuing a post-mortem.”

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