Apr 202010

The significance is in the title.

The further significance is that big donors will start coming over and this is especially important since Andy has over 5,000 small donors. Andy will need those $3900 checks to be the antidote for the wealthy far-left candidate the no-on-8 crowd is bringing to the dance.

There are 5 customers on the Republican side of the primary ballot.

Folsom – The Pugno for Assembly campaign announced today the endorsement of popular Sacramento Sheriff John  McGinness.

“Andy came and spoke to me about running for the Assembly late last year. I was impressed with his knowledge of the issues, his depth as a candidate, and his willingness to work for the people of Sacramento County,” said Sheriff McGinness. “I fully support Andy and will be working to see him elected to the Assembly in June and November.”

The McGinness endorsement is significant for the Pugno campaign as leaders throughout the Sacramento area are lining up to support Pugno’s vision for a more business friendly California.

Sheriff McGinness joins Assemblyman Ted Gaines, Assemblyman Dan Logue, former Assemblywoman Barbara Alby, former Assemblyman Anthony Pescetti, and former Folsom Mayor Eric King in supporting Pugno.

“Sheriff McGinness has been a public safety leader in Sacramento for decades,” said Pugno. “I am proud to have his endorsement.”

Pugno is an honors graduate of UC Davis and McGeorge School of Law. He lives in Folsom with his wife Colleen and their three children. He is active at St. Mel’s Catholic Church in Fair Oaks.

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  One Response to “Former Opponent Endorses Andy Pugno! Sheriff John McGuinness”

  1. I support you 100% concerning Pro-Life. I will definately vote for you, as I am a dry hard right-wing conservative.

    Editor’s Note – Dry hard right-wing conservatives are proud of their views and don’t usually use pseudonyms while reading blogs at work.

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