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A few weeks ago – your humble blogger blew the lid off of an absurd conundrum going on in the “sleepy” little town of Yountville.

Remember how the local congressman hired a Private Investigator? The local paper is an illegal business with a expired corporation?

Well, the local hotel owners are sparing no expense to stop Robert Stryk from getting elected. They flew someone across country to stay in their resort for free because they thought they were going to get some dirt on Mr. Stryk.

Problem – the “informant” was still a friend of Stryk’s. Problem 2 – the Congressman, Mike Thompson (who voted for socialized medicine tonight) hired a new PI and got embarrassed again.

Stryk is a rookie at a political campaign – but I will credit him for being one tough cookie. The powers that be are fighting like hell to keep their power…

This is Robert’s latest campaign email (unedited)-

Dear Friends,

Less then 48 hours ago, a secret meeting was adjourned in the offices of David Shipman, the G.M. of the Villagio Properties. The participants in the meeting were Kerry Egan, Owner Representative of the Villagio, David Shipman, Dawn King (Private Investigator hired by Kerry Egan) Sharon Stennas of the Yountville Sun and Jillian Jones of the Napa Valley Register.

They were all coming together for what they thought was a Confidential Informant from Washington D.C. that Dawn King the Private Investigator had contacted weeks prior and communicated to the group that this Informant would be able to provide “Dirt” on myself.

This alone was enough to entice Kerry Egan and David Shipman to pay for him a Suite at the Villagio, provide him a bottle of free wine in the room and leave him a welcome note containing the hand-written signature of David Shipman.

Email records will show that these individuals (minus Jillian Jones of the Napa Valley Register) as well as many others, most notably a member of the Napa Valley Sheriff’s Department are part of a massive effort to discredit and spread lies about myself.

Upon entering the lobby of the Villagio, Sharon Stennas introduced herself to the groups Informant whom she mistakenly indentified as a member of the Napa Valley Sheriff’s Department who she expected to also be in attendance and said, “I think we are going to the same meeting.”.

During this meeting, Kerry Egan confidently asked the reporters when he was going to see his articles.

After the meeting adjourned, Sharon Stennas of the Yountville Sun placed a an emergency call to David Shipman that there supposed Informant was actually a friend of mine. The individual was threatened over the phone by David Shipman in the middle of the night and then promptly escorted out of the hotel, again, in the dead of the night.

This action alone shows the Sharon Stennas, Kerry Egan and David Shipman have been colluding to use her “Suspended Corporation” the Yountville Sun as a tool to spread vicious lies about me. Mrs. Stennas has been corrupted and for the second time I ask her to quit printing this illegal newsletter.

Friends, for months I have been telling you that Yountville needs new leadership. I have been telling you that Yountville needs a leader who has the power and the vigor to stand up to these enemies of change.  Well my friends, I am that person.

This is an urgent plea. I am asking you to spread the word to all of your friends and family about what is going on. Over the next few weeks I am organizing an event where all of the citizens of Yountville can hear and see for themselves what is going on. The people of Yountville need to know and deserve to know what is going on in there community.

Please tell your friends that no matter the level of intimidation, lies and threats I will not give up. Come June 12th, my name, Robert Stryk will be on the ballot to earn your vote to be the next Mayor of Yountville.

Until then all of us must start asking the following questions.

What is Kerry Egan and others hiding?
What are they trying to protect?
Why are they spending all this money and time?
Why are they having “Secret Meetings” about my candidacy?
Why are they spreading lies?

Folks, this stinks.

Stay Informed!

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  10 Responses to “Remember Yountville? Now, it’s getting dirty”

  1. What the [email protected]@@ is going on in Yountville?

  2. Dear Mr. Park:

    I would like to provide your blog with correct information related to statements made about the Town of Yountville organization.

    The Town of Yountville, population 3,400, has 24 employees – not 30. The Town’s Parks and Recreation staff consists of 5 employees – not 11. No Town employees are related to any members of the elected Town Council. All of this information can be found online at the Town’s web-site, including the Town budget.

    The Town has several Town Council appointed advisory bodies of citizen volunteers including our Parks & Community Services Commission, Zoning & Design Review Board, and Transportation Advisory Committee.

    The Town did not construct a visitor center. Rather, the Town after a 10 year process constructed a community center and library facility including an arts room, multi-purpose room, teen room, library and renovation of its existing community hall. The project has a cost of $13.5 million bonds were sold to finance the construction and will be paid for over a longer period of time in a similar fashion to a home mortgage. The Town web-site has a detailed section relating to the community center project and the financing of the project, again at

    Steven Rogers, Town Manager, Town of Yountville

  3. Steve – thanks for the visit and the additional info. It begs the question of why a town of 2,010 registered voters and 3,400 people needs 24 public employees?

    You sold bonds to finance the construction – these are typically tacked on to people’s property taxes. So the argument can be made that taxes were increased to finance the construction.

    Please also note – that I have given you more of a forum to disagree and reply than any local outfit has to Mr. Stryk.

  4. Aaron –

    Was wondering how much you have looked into this?? It appears most of your coverage re: the Robert Stryk issue is merely paraphrasing what he has published. I am the first to admit there appears to have been some mishandling of Stryk and his attempt at a run for mayor in Yountville. The Yountville Sun’s coverage of Stryk has been sophomoric at best and it appears that a lot of personality conflicts have driven most of the situation here in Yountville. But just google his name and it doesn’t take much effort to find that Stryk isn’t a stranger to controversy.

    I implore you to visit Stryk’s site, http://www.yountvilleexposed,com. It’s a loosely-woven, disjointed attack against the very town he wants to lead. I have never met Stryk, but purely judging by his behavior and the odd posturing on his website, I would be nervous to associate with him, and sincerely question his ability to run a town.



  5. Sam – thanks for the visit and a well-reasoned comment.

    I am going to post on Yountville exposed very soon…

  6. Sam,

    I have read your comments and thanks for the info on How do you know the site is related to Stryk? And even if it is related to him, I agree the website is disjointed, but the issues are what I am concerned with. Nobody seems to be reporting on the other guys and what they are doing. I agree, it seems to me Stryk pissed off a local cop and this guy and his friends seem to be going after Stryk. Is that right? I mean, the guy is only 34 and at least he is not hiding and his put himself out there to be judged. Doesn’t the post about African Americans bother you from the Cong.’s son?

    There is obviously something going on and I give this kid credit for having some guts,he maybe not be to polished, but at least is willing to stay in the fight and not quit,

    I did google Stryk, and what I found has not been reported. He owns his own firm, was nominated to a major committee in DC and according to, has never taken or give a campaign dollar. He does not seem the the typical lobbyist and is companies website has some pretty impressive quotes.

    Your telling me that all a private detective could find were some dismissed civil actions and some minor traffic violations. Seems like the kid is pretty clean, but they are making a big deal about nothing when the local paper is still illegal.

    This stuff just seem to be a smoke screen to really cover-up the truth of what is going on. Sam, do you really think they are spending all of this money to uncover what is already in the public record?

    What seems to be happening in Yountville is going on now and Stryk has found something. Can somebody please answer me the question, why all of this for a small town’s Mayor’s race?

    Sam, i disagree with you, i think Stryk is exactly what we need in the Napa Valley, i just wish he would have waited a little longer and taken on Mike Thompson, they guy who stood by Saddam Hussein and Nancy Pelosi. Seems like all this controversy is right out of the Atwater/Rove playbook and the only way this guy could ever get elected.

  7. Aaron, thank you for giving this guy a platform to get his voice heard. What is not being told is how many supporters he has in town and how he is asking the questions nobody else will. He is the only candidate I have met in many years in Napa who is willing to take on the Democrats. The GOP is dead in Napa and maybe Stryk is our answer. I had the chance to hear him speak today at the Veteran’s home in Yountville and I was blown away. He did in full disclosure give a plug for your blog, and I was not disappointed…

    Also, great reporting on Devore!!!

    Great blog, keep digging for the truth

  8. Aaron – Thank you for the venue to express these things. I too appreciate these varying viewpoints. One point to clarify: the beef between Stryk and sheriff’s department did indeed occur in Yountville.Sure, the sheriffs do patrol and protect the town, but they are contracted (read ‘outsourced’) through Napa County. Yes, as contractors they are part of the town but are not as tightly integrated with the local government as larger cities with their own police departments would be. Recall that Stryk had a close connection with the sheriff’s department, who at one point had to enforce legal action against him as part of a private civil matter b/n Stryk and the Villagio. My concern over this is that the Sun, with its clumsy tabloid-style coverage of that story made Stryk look worse than he (at that time) had acted. It is his lashing back and the resulting conspiracy story that now seems to envelope the entire town and its administration that is bothersome.

    Napa Valley is (it seems at times) hopelessly liberal and I am not fan of Mike Thompson by any stretch of the imagination. But to try and draw him into the mix?

    Yountville, despite Stryk’s claims, has been hugely successful and has been more responsible with its budget than most jurisdictions I’m aware of. It has become a model of success for wine country destinations – and has caught the attention of its neighbors to the north, who have become more aware of Yountville’s success and its penchant for ‘stealing’ northbound traffic from once exclusive wine country destinations. These are facts that someone like Stryk doesn’t seem to understand. He’s been talking about making our town a destination hotspot – by fixing something that isn’t yet broken.

    I will certainly follow your blog. If there is truth to be uncovered I want to be informed, at which point I’ll be wearing the egg on my face. I just don’t think you’re going to find it!

  9. Sam B,

    I wanted to answer your well thought out post. I disagree with you on many of your points and it seems you must know much more about what seems to be going on in Yountville then I do. It seems we are so quick to assume and judge those who have the guts to stand-up and be judged…I myself, would not want all of these people going through my background..I have been doing quite a bit of research on Mr. Stryk and have come upon during one of my google searches as well as treasure trove of this young man. His website seems to be in Beta format, bc it changes all the time, but the information on it seems to paint a very different picture…it is easy for all of us just to sit back and watch things unfold, but it is a leader who injects himself into the frey not knowing the outcome…Stryk’s young age is a slight turn-off for me, but from what i have read, he is more accomplished then most men twice his age…i look forward to the great reporting on this site, bc it seems to be the only truth out there. Stryk to me is a profile in courage non the less. I think Stryk will win if he can get his message out, but what then? He has opened many wounds in Yountville it seems and those may be hard to fix and might hamper his abilities. But i am believer in change and his commentary on his website has made be a true believer. As Barry Goldwater said, To disagree, one doesn’t have to be disagreeable.

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