Mar 092010

Andy Pugno rolled out his endorsement by Roger Niello – last week while I was on the road to the State CRA Convention.

Andy Pugno’s most prominent Republican opponent, Craig DeLuz was at the CRA convention all weekend. I don’t know what was in Buena Park for an Assembly Campaign 400 miles away…

The Niello Endorsement basically closes all open territory in the Sacramento Area around Andy, in addition – While Senator Dave Cox is the Godfather, Roger Niello is the heir apparent to that title.

I’d expect that those two endorsements will open up money and even more endorsements for Pugno.

Pugno has about $280K in the Bank. DeLuz – has not filed his 12/31/2009 campaign finance report.

UPDATE – Spoke with Craig on the phone. He indicated that the failure to file was due to a mix-up with the transition between paid staff and doing the report himself. Craig indicated that it was his responsibility to do so and will be or did file the report today.

Why? Is Craig hiding a lack of money? I don’t get it – I figured that big money was going to flow Craig’s way sooner or later.

Is Craig not going to file his candidate papers? UPDATE – Craig says he is filing and will be on the ballot.

My concern for Craig is that he is going to get sanctioned (fined) by the Secretary of State – which would be embarrassing.

In other news – based on phone calls placed to associates of mine – there will be five customers in the Republican Primary.

Oh, and there appear to be four customers in the Democrat Primary.


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