Feb 092010

Fresh from a caucus meeting just concluded today – and leaked to this blogger…

In a bid to be the Permanent Minority in the Assembly – Minority Leader Martin Garrick has issued an edict to the Members… the vote on Abel Maldonado’s confirmation is a leadership vote.

In layman’s terms – either vote to confirm Abel or else.

Far be it from this blogger to draw the obvious – but why doesn’t Garrick just run out on to the West Steps of the Capitol and scream at the Tea Party to go home? Confirming Abel Maldonado is like giving Jesse James the keys to the bank or validating his behavior over the last several years when, time and again, Maldonado gave the Democrats the votes they needed to implement Welfare Increases, Gun Bans and the Largest Tax Increase in California History.

Martin Garrick is stumbling out of the blocks and the ink isn’t even dry on his stationery.

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