Dec 302009

The most Corrupt Union in America. Obama’s thugs. The Purple Shirts that protest every year when Republicans try in vain to stop tax increases.

The SEIU. They believe that the taxpayers of California are duty-bound to give them everything they demand.

But they screwed up when they donated to Roger Niello.

Around May of 2009 – Roger Niello stood up against the SEIU’s sweetheart deal negotiated in the background with the Governor.

Based on Roger Niello’s Opposition, the Contract was denied and then renogotiated at a later time.

Undeterred – the purple shirts showed up at a Niello dealership nearest you to whine with their pickets (while getting paid, of course) about how unfair Roger Niello was to them.

Question – do you know how many in the Assembly could pull that one off? Anyone?

Roger Niello did.

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  One Response to “ROGER NIELLO Takes $7800 From SEIU then Trashes their Contract on the Floor of the Assembly”

  1. why if the state of calif. is trying to save jobs is medical program lettinjg the jobs go to India???????????????

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