May 072017

Hector Diaz first hit my radar screen because of the Riverside CRA and their sudden interest in him. Given the coin-operated nature of the CRA, it merits a double take when the flavor of the month arrives out of nowhere at a CRA meeting.

Your intrepid blogger learned that Hector Diaz (Nava) was arrested for two felonies related to him beating up a patron at his restaurant in Moreno Valley. Diaz is serving probation as part of a plea deal and is on probation even as he is a candidate for Moreno Valley City Council.

The would-be Council Member is out telling people he is a “Reputable Business Owner”. This could be true despite his penchant for playing Judge Dredd on drunk patrons at his restaurant.

However, a second look reveals there is a major problem with the assertion by Diaz (Nava) that he is a “Reputable Business Owner” – the California Department of Real Estate has a nice, fat open file on him:

License Type:

Diaz, Hector N. 

Mailing Address:
PO BOX 23099

License ID:

Expiration Date:

License Status:

MLO License Endorsement:  

NMLS ID: 274642 (Click here to check the status of the MLO License Endorsement )

Salesperson License Issued:

Broker License Issued:

Former Name(s):
Nava, Hector Diaz 

Object Mortgage
ACTIVE AS OF 06/07/2005

Supremacy Realtors
ACTIVE AS OF 06/07/2005

Affiliated Licensed Corporation(s):
01521111 – Officer Expiration Date: 01/11/14
The Diaz Group Inc


Disciplinary or Formal Action


>>>> Public information request complete <<<<

Three things should jump out at you about “Reputable Businessman” Hector Diaz Nava:

Why did he change his name? Note – when I first wrote about his felony arrests, I had to do extra leg work to verify that Hector Diaz (Nava) identified in the arrest records and the Hector N Diaz running for City Council were the same person. Here is more proof they are the same person and the public records from the Department of Real Estate also suggest that this two names thing was deliberate to hamper efforts by people to research him.

He ran a Real Estate firm that lost its’ license. Perhaps this is why he changed his name and is holding himself out as a reputable businessman?

He lost his own Real Estate Broker’s License and is restricted to being a Real Estate Agent Only. This is key, because if you read the linked documents you will understand why the Department of Real Estate was keen on making sure he could not do anything related to mortgages.

Hector Diaz lost his Real Estate Broker’s License and Corporate Real Estate License because someone under his supervision was running a Mortgage modification scam and got caught by the Department of Real Estate. A victim of the scammer actually got a job in the scammer’s office and once it became clear what was going on, the victim turned them in.

According to the documents obtained by Right on Daily – Diaz denied any wrongdoing repeatedly. The documents reference an unlicensed DBA being used and Diaz’ failure to supervise a subordinate as the causes for the suspensions of the licenses. There is no indication of the people running the scam were prosecuted within the documents, (but they suggest something was in process), the issue is that Diaz had someone under his supervision that was engaging in illegal activity while Diaz was asleep at the switch.

“Respondent Diaz’ denial of wrongdoing suggests that he is not amenable to correction…”, says the documents.

In fact, Diaz’ license was restricted on 2/24/2012 and Diaz was eligible to apply for an un-restricted license four years later (2/24/2016). As you can see, Hector N Diaz AKA Hector Diaz (Nava) still has a restricted real estate license suggesting that he continues to be unrepentant to this day.

As a bonus, Diaz petitioned for reconsideration of the decision made against him further buttressing the notion of his refusal to accept responsibility for his negligence. His petition was rejected flatly.

The source documents are linked here

Hector N Diaz aka Hector Diaz (Nava) is not qualified to hold office.

This is demonstrated by his attitude as related by the department of Real Estate in 2012. It is reinforced by his vigilante justice episode in 2016 that has him on current probation. When you add in the name change, you have a pattern that indicates that Hector Diaz, Nava, Diaz-Nava, N Diaz, etc. has character issues that are a work in progress. It is the opinion of this blogger and should be the opinion of the voters of Moreno Valley that Hector N Diaz aka Hector Diaz (Nava) should be rejected in his bid for City Council.

Apr 242017

There is a new Riverside CRA Unit to replace the old CRA unit that died an insane asylum death. I know Riverside is not Orange County, but you Southerners all look the same to us rednecks up here in the north.

Apparently, inviting so-called conservatives with felony arrests to speak for endorsements is a time-honored CRA tradition. (see also Tim Donnelly)

I got a list of the board members of the new Riverside RA and some familiar names were on it, including a man who rides the bus to the library to check his email as he does not own a car or a computer.

The Riverside RA is actually hosting a meeting tomorrow (which in today’s CRA is optional) featuring a Moreno Valley City Council Candidate named Hector Diaz.

A check of Voter Records shows a 43 year old Hector Diaz Nava registered in Moreno Valley. There is a second Hector Diaz that is 52. A look at the photo of the man is clear he is not in his 50’s. As it is common for Latinos to have two last names (Mom and Dad) I went a little further than usual to verify that the Hector Diaz of 2014 AD61 #EPICFAILURE and the current contestant for a special election in Moreno Valley are one and the same.

They are. This leads us to today’s CRA #EPICFAIL. (Pictured, the CRA’s Pol-Pot Bellied Information Minister Thomas N Hudson)

Hector Diaz Nava was arrested on a nice felony. It looks like he beat someone up and got popped for it.

On 02/06/2016 – Diaz pled two felonies down to one Misdemeanor. He pled out to Disturbing the Peace, Instead of getting a felony for inflicting great bodily harm and assault with a deadly weapon.

Mr. Diaz received 60 days in the can, but was given 3 years of probation in lieu of incarceration.

Diaz also had to pay the victim of his rage restitution.

It is really not hard to find stuff out about people. It is called vetting, it is something the RightonDaily Blog recommends all groups do. The CRA, given their proclivity to be pious, self righteous and arrogant about their own perfection probably need to spend some of the $51k in their treasury and hire a pet monkey to do basic records checks on candidates before they get further embarrassment.

Hector Diaz (Nava) probably should not be running for Moreno Valley City Council. He holds himself out as a reputable businessman, I will grant that he is probably passionate about his business. He should probably take a break from beating people up and focus his passions on his business.

Perhaps, the Riverside RA could have their board member take the bus to the library and spend some of his ample free time using public records from Riverside County like your intrepid blogger?

P.S. for you skeptics (look at what happens when you google Diaz) – this is our guy, smack in the middle of Moreno Valley District 4. This is the only Hector Diaz anything in Moreno Valley Council District 4.

If the CRA does the usual and ignores the unsolicited advice from this blogger, its’ expected. But since I know they read this blog, I’d like to suggest at the very least they check his ankle for a bracelet.