CD-03 Update: Tim Core will File / Eugene Ray Announces

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Jan 192012

In a blow to the Rick Tubbs effort to clear the field – Tim Core has confirmed to friends that he is “In the race to stay”. Core is an assistant manager at a Domino’s Pizza in Yuba City. I’d gather that Mr. Core won’t be on Kristy Tubb’s Christmas list again.

I have a soft-spot for Domino’s Pizza as I used to be able to toss a two-tray in less than 5 minutes and could even bust out a large Pepperoni in 41-45 seconds.

In a further blow to Rick Tubbs – fellow Solano County Resident Eugene Ray announced that he too is running. This puts 7 customers on the ballot for CA-03.

Eugene Ray was covered by the Fairfield Daily Repbulic – despite being denied an opportunity to speak at the Solano GOP Lincoln Day Dinner.

Eugene Ray is a Realitor and some sort of martial arts guru. I’d love to see him get the drop on a mannequin of John Garamendi.

For those of you scoring at home:

Tony Carlos – an open borders advocate from Sutter County
Tim Core – Pizza Guru from Sutter
Kim Vann – Colusa Supervisor annointed by the establishment
Charlie Schaupp – Marine / Farmer from Yolo
Rick Tubbs – AutoMall Sales Rep / Air Force Desk Jockey from Solano
Eugene Ray – Realitor / Martial Artist from Solano

John Garamendi – Socialist from Sacramento County

Counties not represented thus far: Lake, Glenn, Yuba. Don’t worry, there is still time.