Feb 242017

We had written here about the Sacramento Bee and their anti-christian rampage against Courage Worldwide. The Bee, hiding behind the pen of a pulitzer prize winning activist liberal reporter attacked Courage Worldwide several times.

It is the belief of this blog that the Bee was attempting to put them out of business. The Bee downplayed the facts related to overzealous bureaucrats and incompetent bureaucrats and highlighted everything they could to make Courage look fringe. While the Bee succeeded in scaring one corporate donor (note that most corporations are sissies that cave to leftist complaint drills – such as the Under Armour CEO that praised Trump and then folded like a cheap lawn chair when the organized protests came), Courage house is still running.

They appear to have turned the corner in dealing with the State of California. I believe that the California bureaucracy are decidedly anti-christian as I hear horror stories from would be adoptive and foster parents all the time where they have to hide their bibles before the State visits their house.

If you have a few dollars to spare, please donate to Courage Worldwide as they have been put through the wringer by the State of CA and the Sacramento BS in what I believe was no accident or coincidence.

World Relief, who has been nuked on this blog twice for their left-wing bias and for concealing their conflict of interest, got lit up again. Similar to the Capitol Resource Institute whose employees and public volunteers were publicly supporting and campaigning for candidates without disclosing the donations from them – World Relief Sacramento gets 75% of their funding from the Federal Government. No wonder why this alleged faith-based charity was calling on people to go crash Tom McClintock’s Townhalls!

I was told that they did not send emails encouraging protesters to show up to the other Townhall meetings the Congressman held. I can’t confirm that. What I do know is that Trump’s policy of actually enforcing immigration law is bad for their business and they did not openly disclose that they are a largely federally-funded refugee agency.

Faith Leaders for America Applauds President
Trump’s Immigration and Refugee Policies as
Consistent with Biblical Teachings

Washington, D.C.—Dozens of clerics organized by the new multi faith group Faith Leaders for America (www.FaithLeadersforAmerica.com) released today an open letter to President Donald Trump supporting his efforts to protect Americans through a prudent pause in immigration and refugee resettlement from seven problematic nations. Their letter says, in part:

“As faith leaders, we want to thank you for: following a discerning and Biblical approach to the ‘wise welcome’ of foreigners, including refugees; your commitment to border security; and your determination to end the magnet for illegal immigration represented by so-called ‘sanctuary’ cities. All of these initiatives have firm foundations in Biblical instruction.”

This open letter is being circulated for signature by other ordained clergy and spiritual leaders in response to efforts by those selectively invoking passages from the Bible in opposition to the President’s initiatives. One such misleading influence operation was led earlier this month by World Relief. Unmentioned in its open letter to the president and vice president is that organization’s blatant conflict of interest: World Relief garnered over $225 million from the federal government from 2008 to 2016 as payments for its resettlement of refugees.

In addition, several U.S. cities were subjected on Sunday to demonstrations billed as “interfaith” rallies in which non-Muslim clerics joined others in the crowd in professing that they were “Muslim too.” The rally in New York, however, featured prominently Linda Sarsour, a Sharia-supremacist who epitomizes the intolerance that alienates many people of other faiths. For example, in 2011, she used Twitter to attack former Muslim Ayaan Hirsi Ali and ACT for America founder Brigitte Gabriel for their opposition to suppression of freedom in the name of Islam. She declared, “I wish I could take their vaginas away—they don’t deserve to be women.”

Ordained clerics and other spiritual leaders who actually support freedom of expression, as well as freedom of religion, are encouraged to join the Faith Leaders for America’s open letter (full text, as well as those who signed, here).

Visitors to the site can also view the group’s rollout press conference at the National Press Club on January 19, 2017.

Faith Leaders for America is a dedicated group of clergy and leaders from various faith communities who share a common commitment to freedom—freedom of religion, freedom of speech and the other liberties guaranteed by our Constitution—along with a firm commitment to address the imminent threats to those freedoms.

Good for these people for calling World Relief Out. I wonder how many of the pastors that signed World Relief’s letter were told about the millions in federal funds they got to re-settle “refugees” before signing the letters?

It is clear that Donald Trump touched a third rail with the immigration policy. It is clear that the left is pulling out all the stops to fight anything that will stem the tide of illegal immigration.

That said, some so-called “Faith Leaders” are conspiring to commit felonies. Namely, harboring fugitives and assisting in a conspiracy to violate US Immigration Laws. I am not sure what translation of the Bible they are reading that justifies committing felonies.

These people are fools and when they get held accountable, they will go to prison along with the fugitives they intend to harbor.

Do not confuse yourself, this is not an act of conscience, this is an act of sedition for political gain. Comparing harboring illegal aliens to the underground railroad that fought against slavery is absurd and offensive.

Feb 122017

For those of you in the area that are not living under a rock, you were likely aware of the out of area protesters that were “organized” by a string of leftist groups to descend upon the recent Townhall meeting of Congressman Tom McClintock.

The Trump-Hating and frequently proven liars at Politico did a story on the Townhall. They, of course highlighted the police escort out of the building that McClintock got. The Roseville PD had 24 officers on duty and being a middle-class suburb were not about to enable property destruction and vandalism that leftist protests usually bring.

The politico story is the typical 1990’s era playbook Media drill. The idea is to create an illusion that America agrees with their biased view of the world. The article focused on Obamacare and the Refugee order. Leftists are being organized all over America to harrass Republican Congressmembers in order to save socialized medicine and to preserve what the democrats see as their best recruiting tool – mass migration. There is a key problem, Americans don’t want open borders and only 27% want to keep Obamacare intact. I guess Politico missed the memo.  Depending on the poll 55-66% of Americans want a halt on Middle Eastern Refugees entering the US.

Enter World Relief Sacramento. I have been made aware of a slew of Left-Wing Groups that were attempting to organize a large group to try and intimidate and shout down Congressman McCintock. They managed about 250 people.

Several of these groups had referenced World Relief Sacramento’s blast email from their MailChimp platform asking people to go to McClintock’s rally to voice their opposition to Trump’s TEMPORARY TRAVEL BAN. Note – the #MUSLIMBAN thing is a LIE sold repeatedly by the media and parroted by trump-haters worldwide.

Apparently this Non-Profit was engaging in political activity, even though their email was carefully worded. It’s timing and message was way too similar to some of the leftist groups that were organizing against McClintock. In addition, they requested that people receiving the email show up at the Townhall to tell McClintock how much refugees mean to them. Having been in a few political dust ups in my lifetime, I’ve seen similar calls to action in the past.

I am going to focus on this gem in the middle of their email:

Still we Stand Campaign

Without the full support of the new presidential administration, refugees need our help—more than ever—to become independent, and fully adjust to life in the U.S.

I am sure disgraced uber-partisan IRS Commissioner Lois Lerner would have approved of this 501C3 designation while stonewalling the applications of Conservative Groups.

Also included in the email:

Other Ways to Act
1. Find and write to your elected officials
2. Call your U.S. Senators and U.S. Representative by dialing

Once connected, you can share:

  • Your name, city, and state

  • That you are calling to express your support for the U.S. Refugee Resettlement program

  • One or two reasons why you personally believe in welcoming refugee

It is also replete with the “We Welcome Refugees” and other buzzwords that you see on the professionally made pre-printed signs being carried by leftist protesters who are breathlessly covered by the national media protesting (fill in the blank here).

I am deeply suspicious of this group as their timing for communication and the verbiage of their website is way too carefully worded for them to be non-partisan as they claim. Since this group attempts to work with local churches, I wonder if the members of said Churches would feel differently knowing this group is actively attempting to undermine Conservatives?

Feb 052017

I counted about 250 Anti-McClintock protesters outside. The Bee avoided using numbers, but attempted to make the crowd look large.

There were as many real people as there were anti-McClintock people there.

Tom McClintock was “escorted” to his car by officers, but did not need to be.

The Sacramento Bee lied in an attempt to make it look like a groundswell of opposition. There was not. IN my estimation, as I have a catalog of lefties in the area, at least half the people there “protesting” were from outside the area.

And the Bee wonders why they have to charge people to read their crap on line.

P.S. This is the same rag that has written three lie-infested hit pieces against Courage Worldwide in an anti-Christian Jihad to try to shut them down.

Oct 112016

For those of you living under a rock, you know that several linguine-spined Republicans with personal agendas bailed on Donald Trump at the first sign of trouble. I did not support Trump, I worked for Dr. Ben Carson and was a (gulp) Jeb Bush supporter before that.

Congressman McClintock blasted Paul Ryan indirectly and others for their failure to adhere to their own principle of supporting your nominee. I am not sure if McClintock saw real polling or if he knew that one of Ryan’s own advisers is thee alleged source of the tape of Trump’s potty mouth. Frankly, I don’t care.

I am not a fan of Congressman McClintock. But at a time when we needed leadership, he provided it. As such – he deserves credit.

Donald Trump wasn’t my first or even second choice for President, but I can certainly tell the difference between a fire and a fireman.  And when a fireman is trying to save my house from burning down, the fact he uses lewd and vulgar language in private conversations with other guys doesn’t change the nature of the emergency.

Ironically, Trump’s words spoken many years ago precisely describe Bill Clinton’s behavior over many years, which Hillary Clinton has actively excused, enabled and abetted.  How odd that the same Democratic mouthpieces who defended Clinton’s disgraceful deeds are incensed at Trump’s disgraceful words.

We will soon see if this grand diversion succeeds.  If it does, it will have obscured several self-evident truths that will decide the future of our families and our nation for decades to come.

The Citizens United case protects the First Amendment right of any group of Americans to pool its resources to participate in the public policy debate.  The Heller case protects the Second Amendment right of individual Americans to defend themselves with firearms.  Clinton and Justice Ginsberg have both made clear that these freedoms will be the first to go once a lock-step leftist majority is installed.

Millions of illegal immigrants have been allowed to enter our country in defiance of our laws, making a mockery of the many legal immigrants who have done everything our country has asked.  Is there any doubt by any voter anywhere on the political spectrum that if Donald Trump is elected President, illegal immigration will come to a screeching halt?  And is there any doubt that if Hillary Clinton is elected, it will continue?

Does anyone doubt that Hillary Clinton will preside over a massive round of tax increases and that Donald Trump will cut taxes dramatically?  Both have said so repeatedly.

Ronald Reagan took office at a time of double-digit unemployment, inflation and interest rates.  He rolled back the tax and regulatory burdens that were crushing the economy and produced one of the most prosperous eras in American history.  So did John F. Kennedy, whose locker-room conversations we can only imagine.  Donald Trump, surrounded by many of Reagan’s economic advisors, is determined to follow Reagan’s prescription for prosperity; Hillary Clinton is pledged to do just the opposite.

And that’s the great question: not whether Trump is a choirboy – he’s never claimed to be.  The question is whether our nation can afford to go another four years down the road it has been on.  Does anyone doubt that Hillary Clinton will continue the policies that have brought us to this moment?  Or that Donald Trump will change them?

Every American has had an up-close and personal experience with the Obama economy and no politician or pundit is going to convince them it is otherwise.  They know the condition of the job market and whether their standard of living or quality of life has improved under these policies.

There is no ducking these questions.  In parliamentary practice, to abstain from voting is the same as voting with the prevailing side.  Ogden Nash put it this way: “They have such delicate palates, they can find no one worthy of their ballots.  Then when someone terrible gets elected, they say, ‘There, that’s just what I expected.’”

I can fully understand why the Clinton campaign and the leftist media (but I repeat myself) are making every attempt to divert attention away from these self-evident truths.  But I cannot understand why so many hand-wringing Republican leaders can’t bear to stand up in the most important presidential election in our lifetimes.

Centuries ago, Thomas Paine wrote words to rally our nation in its first crisis – words Republican leaders should bear in mind today: “These are the times that try men’s souls.  The summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will, in this crisis, shrink from the service of their country.  But he who stands it now, deserves the love and thanks of man and woman.”

Thank You Congressman. I voted for Art Moore in 2014. I will vote for Tom McClintock in 2016.

Did Congressman McClintock Just Endorse a 1/2 Cent Sales Tax Increase in Placer County?

 AD-06 Race, Beth Gaines, Ted Gaines, Tom McClintock  Comments Off on Did Congressman McClintock Just Endorse a 1/2 Cent Sales Tax Increase in Placer County?
Dec 122015

Much has been made about the Placer County Transportation Agency hiring a local PR firm to send mail and conducting town-hall meetings floating the idea of a Transportation Sales Tax Increase measure on the local ballot.

We have written here several times that our local Partisan electeds have been absolutely useless in helping local government with anything. Until recently, all of south placer was under the dark cloud of Gaines. (Roseville has a different Senator now)

While the “third house” poured money in to Beth Gaines at the behest of the failed former Assembly Permanent Minority leader – Placer County got nothing out of the deal. (but the donors got their vote and the failed former permanent minority leader got her leadership vote)

Placer County got less than zero. I believe because some had the temerity to stand up and ask why our Assembly-member was so incompetent that she had to vote against her own amendment on the floor of the Assembly and why our State Senator is rarely seen at any events that are not fundraisers or self-promoting appearances – Placer County has received the only thing either Gaines are of average intelligence at doing, getting even.

In this case – their revenge is doing nothing to help Placer County with the highway 65 problem. You know the nice four-lane freeway that ended up with several traffic signals on it and an abrupt lane reduction at the Lincoln City Limits? Yeah, not an extra dime from the state, that is why there aren’t interchanges – instead, the low-budget traffic signals. But – there were Ted and Beth posing for the pictures of the grand opening of the additional miles in Lincoln.

Where did the money for the recent inadequate additions to the Lincoln part of Hwy 65 come from? (besides out of the strapped budgets of local government?)

Part one was raiding 20 years worth existing, long since budgeted state money, without a single extra dime brought in by our incompetent duo of Gaines… and the rest?

… evil earmarks from our former congressman John Doolittle – who the Gaines helped run out of office. (Doolittle was one of many that helped build the political career of the Gaines, only to get screwed over like so many others – now we all get our turn)

Who is our Congressman now? Well – he voted no on the 5 year Highway Bill.

Why is this an endorsement of a tax increase by he who is our Congressman now?

I-80 is a disaster. Hwy 65 is a disaster. But – we can’t afford to fix it because the state raids local government funds and spends 80+% of the budgets of local governments due to state mandates.

Highway 65 needs to be three lanes and the traffic signals north of Lincoln need to go + it needs to be widened to four lanes to the county line. (Like it should have been years ago until Jerry Brown killed funding in the 1970’s for it and the Highway 99 freeway in the north state) I-80 is still backed up and the interchange with Hwy 65 is a 50’s era engineering boondoggle – forced by NIMBY’s who refused to grant right-of-ways when what little of 65 was built forcing the bizarre angle of it.

That Congressman – Tom McClintock is nowhere on this issue like the Gaines – but, worse if anyone from local government asks for help, they get a lecture about corruption in government and a foot in their back out the door.

When given a chance to actually do something about the problem – he chose the paradigm of demanding ideological perfection in the bill – (HR 22) rather than attempting to amend it or help South Placer County. His No vote likely means we will not receive a dime – but we deserve that dime, because I-80 is a federal highway.

The irony is that the PCTPA has been doing all the environmental impact BS and the planning for said projects. How have those reports been paid for? Earmarked money brought in by John Doolittle. Doolittle has been out of office for 7 years, yet that money (That self-righteous ideological zealots attacked him for bringing home) is STILL paying our bills!

Please note – there is no more state money for 20 years unless someone does something. Now where is the money we need going to come from if our Congressman, and the Gaines Dynasty could not be bothered?

The pursuit of pious self-righteous ideological narcissism is indeed destructive in many areas of government, and in this case it is going to force the citizens of Placer County to tax themselves in order to not be threatened with death and/or injury from driving on our only two freeways (which are woefully inadequate). In my mind’s eye – freeway safety is a pro-life position and a quality of life issue. (you know that oft-used word Liberty)

… and we were told, and lectured about how wrong the primary challenge to Beth Gaines was by some of the very donors whose businesses are adversely affected by her lack of action. … and we were told, and lectured about how wrong federal earmarks are. Now, we’ve went from wrong to nothing at all – and now to less than zero, a 1/2 cent sales tax increase in order to do the job ourselves that our local partisan electeds won’t do.

The fact that we have a debate on the Tax-Increase Measure because we did it to ourselves by refusing to stand up for Andy Pugno, John Allard, Les Baugh – and anyone else not named Gaines who demonstrated that they did want to govern versus reign.

Perhaps Tom McClintock may have cared if he actually had to drive through the I-80 / Hwy 65 area – but he still lives in Elk Grove (as he has the entire time he has been our congressman). Perhaps the Gaines no longer care about Placer County Issues – as they live in El Dorado County.

The sick irony is that the causes of this pending tax increase won’t even have to pay the tax as none of them live here.

While I agree with Tom McClintock on almost all issues, he has been a colossal failure as a representative – and that failure is going to raise my taxes (not his).