Sep 262019

What if a told you there was a complete dirtbag running for City Council in San Clemente? At least that is what I think of Gene James and when I am done writing about him, everyone else will also. If you read our 4 part expose’ on Harvey Englander and the “racket” he ran on behalf of San Clemente, you’d better understand where I am coming from on this statement. Pretty much everything in San Clemente is suspect and Gene James appears to be a laboratory reject from the San Clemente NIMBY factory.

What If I told you that Gene James has been on a rampage since being a candidate for San Clemente City Council? He is allegedly physically confronting people, verbally abusing people, cyber stalking, etc. The alleged victims are mostly women that are much smaller than he is. We have received several tips over the last 6 weeks about how out of control Mr. James’ behavior has been.

What if I told you I have evidence that Fred Whitaker may have covered up some of James’ actions on behalf of Gene James’ consultant – in order to assist James in getting the OCGOP endorsement (by one vote, mind you). It is alleged that Gene James’ consultant Jim Bieber was calling and pressuring OCGOP Members, some of whom stayed home rather than having to deal with Bieber or Gene James?

It is a known fact that OCGOP Chairman Fred Whitaker and Jim Bieber go back years.

I have been told by SEVERAL people that the special election in San Clemente is one of the dirtiest campaigns they have ever seen and that Gene James has been on a rampage. It stands to reason that Gene James and Bill Brough would be good buddies and that State Senator Pat Bates would be in the middle of it.

The feckless Congressional Candidate Bryan (-20) Maryott who finished 7th in a contested primary in 2018 is also party of the Uncle Harvey party crew.

Tonight, there is a candidate forum in San Clemente and the rampaging Gene James has been attempting to bully all of his opponents in to silence.

It is also alleged that people who may or may not include Fred Whitaker, Bill Brough, Pat Bates and others have been telling donors there will be consequences to giving money to any of James’ opponents. Rest assured, your intrepid blogger will unwind the web and will name the names of the corrupt.

Your Intrepid Blogger is serving notice – Gene James – Welcome to RightonDaily. I’m coming for you. Right On Daily will defend women from bullies, even while so-called political leaders participate or turn a blind eye.

Sep 262019

That’s right folks. The insufferable William “Bill” Brough, aided and abetted by his Chief enabler Senator Pat Bates is having a feel-good public event. If I was the County or Orange, the City of Laguna Niguel and these Veteran’s Groups I’d think twice.

I am not surprised to see some institutional donors willfully ignoring the controversy. An incumbent basically has to have a felony indictment against them before most of those guys bail. (Give it time guys, it may yet happen) I do find it interesting that after hundreds of credible references to Bill Brough abusing donor’s money to finance his lifestyle well beyond his means that they are still willing to support him. It makes one wonder about nexuses and it certainly reinforces the image of “The Swamp”.

It also appears that 4 on the record victims of sexual battery/harassment do not matter to Senator Pat Bates, the Orange County BIA or the Orange County Realtors. Given that the “leaders” of the Republican Caucuses are still hiding in their bunkers, I could understand how Pat Bates would feel empowered to ignore everything and act like it is business as usual. The Realtors and the BIA, however have no excuse for ignoring the reality.

Mimi Walters, Diane Harkey, the Orange County Lincoln Club and the Orange County Republican Party have said otherwise. They have all stood up against Bill Brough. His colleague in the Assembly, Stephen Choi has done a 180 after talking to Brough’s Victims:

Furthermore, I researched the explanation provided by Assemblyman Brough and am no longer convinced that he was as forthright as he should have been. I have let him know that I am disappointed and disturbed by the charges leveled against him. 

Pictured: Your Intrepid Blogger

Perhaps this Navy Veteran needs to show up at this October 5th Shendig, maybe I should bring some others with me. Perhaps Crime victims of Orange County needs to organize a demonstration outside of this event…


Sep 252019

The Rocklin Unified School District has issues. However, they did the right thing by filling the vacancy of Susan Halldin with Rachelle Price.

Apparently, Theresa Landon who is a teacher at Granite Bay High School has decided that now is the time to go on a leftist social justice rampage. Her husband is Joe Landon who is an executive at the Roseville Joint Union High School District. I remember him from several years back before my Mother served on that board as being opposed to parental notification and a host of other issues. While I do not know Joe Landon, I ascertained that he is a garden variety liberal educrat from his consistent opposition to parent’s rights that I have observed.

According to inside sources both Landons are quite liberal. It appears that Theresa Landon went running to the local media because she took exception to questions that were asked of her. This despite similar questions being asked of other candidates – including Rachelle Price who was appointed.

Apparently Mrs. Landon thinks it is sexist being asked about how she’d balance her job, being a mom and everything else with being a school board member. I’d expect the same questions about how I’d balance being a business owner and a blogger with serving on a board – it is a reasonable question. Apparently, this was all it took to spark Mrs. Landon in to a frenzy. (again, my opinion based on observations) In today’s hyper-sensitive world, those questions should be asked in pieces as the professional outrage mob is waiting to jump.

She rails about sexism and the fake gender pay gap in this facebook screed (the lie is that the pay gap does not factor for women who choose of their own free will to work part time or not work to raise children) – standard talking points of the left.

She got a local TV News outlet to run a story that conveniently omitted that the person appointed is also a mother of several (ahem 5) children. A local radio station ran a similar story replete with similar half-truths. I am also wondering if her husband who is an executive at the Roseville Joint Union High School District abused his media connections to plant these stories? Having been in the political game for over 20 years – I know how this stuff works – I recognize a pattern.

It is my opinion that Mrs. Landon outright lied to or misled the local media outlets with leftist buzzwords and got stories run to buttress her false narrative. This includes her quote about not being bitter. If she was not bitter, there would have been no media drill nor effort to gather signatures. She has every right to be upset about the question but omitting key facts – like others being asked similar questions and the fact that the district appointed another female with children like her is similar to her fellow democrats smearing political opponents on the national stage. If the media had this fact the narrative that Mrs. Landon is spinning would have been decimated as the “Patriarchy” appointed a Woman.

Worse, she is running around trying to gather signatures to force a special election. She is reputedly telling people that the special election would not cost the Rocklin School District any money according to at least one person who leaked information to this blogger. If this is truly what Mrs. Landon said, this is also a lie. No matter when there is an election the district in question pays for it, weather it is a special or a regularly scheduled election.

It is my opinion based on what I have been told by insiders in Rocklin that Mrs. Landon felt entitled to the appointment and left the meeting enraged after she did not get it.

Her behavior and tactics make me fear for the children she is brainwashing at the Roseville Joint Union High School District as she is a teacher there.

Smash Patriarchy? The RUSD APPOINTED A WOMAN!!! Equality??? That’s exactly what happened!!! 

Dear Supervisor Bonnie Gore – you may have wanted to get more information before joining in the hit parade. Just sayin’. This is how the left works, omit facts and yank on emotions and you got sucked in by it Mrs. Gore. I am not surprised to see Scott Alvord pile on, he is a democrat.

If there ends up being a special election, I will be forced to burn Mrs. Landon’s house down in a rhetorical manner due to the reasons laid out above. I do not like liars. I do not like leftist social justice warriors who use leftist social justice tactics to advance themselves.

Sep 252019

My thesis for AD74 is simple. A viable and strong candidate will retake this district. The democrat is a far-left wackjob and leaves a ton of room to get hit hard.

I am still not sure of the nexus for Kelly Ernby’s campaign, but it rings empty. Hence the name Kelly Empty. Why is she running? What does she bring to the table?

This is a good look for a fundraiser. A top California Republican and some solid names for a host committee.

There are some parts of California where Pete Wilson plays well. My understanding is that Orange County is one of them. Again, drawing a sharp contrast between Diane Dixon and the Empty Ernby campaign, it looks clear that Diane Dixon’s campaign is covering the bases you’d expect from a front-runner and viable challenger to a dem incumbent.

Ernby has not filed a 24-hour report in quite some time, suggesting that her “Fundraising Events” have been Potemkin Village Drills, and at that she had less than 1/3 the available cash at the end of the last campaign finance reporting period.

In a future installment, we are going to break down some polling that was released recently as we continue our expose of AD-74. The key question to start asking yourself – is Kelly Ernby just an empty spoiler? Kelly Empty.

Sep 242019

Tick tock Bill Brough. The pre 2017 world of dismissing harassment and abuse claims is gone.

Hannah Cho is the Senior Policy Advisor for Los Angeles City Council President Herb Wesson. In this role, she provides strategies and counsel regarding public policy issues and special projects throughout the 10th district, which encompasses Koreatown. She also serves as the Council President’s liaison to the greater Los Angeles Asian American Pacific Islander community.

Prior to her role at the City of Los Angeles, Hannah’s professional experience includes serving as a District Director in the California State Senate and many years in various roles in the nonprofit, and political sector. Her portfolio includes policy initiatives, programming, and advocacy campaigns with organizations such as the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Center for Nonviolent Social Change, the California Democratic Party, Operation HOPE, CARE, the Clean Air Campaign, and the US National Park Service.

Hannah is a member of the Executive Board of the Asian Pacific Islander Caucus of the California Democratic Party, the Glass Leadership Institute of the Anti Defamation League, and Pi Sigma Alpha, the Political Science Honor Society. She completed graduate coursework for her Master’s in Political Science and has a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science, and minors in Hospitality and Non-Profit Management from Georgia State University.

Apparently Hannah Cho thought it was ok to ask a female colleague about a “hickey” on her neck. She also told this same colleague she “can’t stop staring at your chest”.

Remember, Bill Brough is alleged to have pressed his erection against a victim (who he later outed in likely violation of the law) telling her “I’m really in to you” and is also alleged to have told another victim he’d been watching her (even though he claims to have only met her once). Supervisor Lisa Bartlett has gone public with similarly graphic allegations as well.

Please note that as of the writing of this blog, only one major media outlet has covered this story about Hannah Cho, I wonder why.

(Link to Hannah Cho’s Bio on the Korean American Website)

Hannah Cho looks like an accomplished career tax-leeching bureaucrat who got little more than a slap on the wrist over this incident.