Dec 012015

Fred Ilfeld has cleared the way for the enviros to sue to stop the development of the Ski Resort.

In true narcissist rich-guy fashion, despite getting pounded repeatedly – he stubbornly asserts that the proposed town of 600 would be fiscally viable and doubles-down on his accusations of wrongdoing by county staff. Translation – he had a temper tantrum:

“This is not a ‘he said, she said’ situation. In accordance with California law we appealed to the State Controller to resolve differences between LAFCO views and ours. The State Controller’s Office supported our position in the majority of the items under review,with the result of the proposed Town penciling out as financially viable.” Was a direct quote from Fred Ilfeld in their three page release. This statement in my opinion is a lie, and Mr. Ilfeld knows it.
For the first time – Ilfeld also gets semi-honest about the motives for this hare-brained scheme (courtesy of another quote I lifted from his release):
Given the impasse with LAFCO combined with opposition by Placer County, plus stiff and heavily funded opposition from Squaw Valley Ski Holdings, we saw no way to continue moving forward.
Translation – that damn ski-resort and all those corrupt people wouldn’t do what I, Fred Ilfeld wanted them to. Leave us not forget, his public accusations of wrongdoing against the LAFCO board at the last meeting that sent Dr. Bill Kirby in to a tirade (after Kirby voted in favor of a motion favorable to Ilfeld)
Attached here is Ilfeld’s letter to the county of Placer. It is as classless as anything I see in my work in politics.
Here is the bottom line – Ilfeld knew he was going to lose. He also knows that the (fill in the name of Greenmail lawfirm here) is going to sue on behalf of (fill in the name of Enviro-NIMBY group here) so that the issue he really cares about is far from resolved.
Ever want to know why a ski lift ticket is so expensive and why business is deign to come to California? People like Fred Ilfeld and the Enviro-Nimby groups that hate development.
Oh, don’t worry – Ilfeld has a ton of money and I am sure we have not heard the last of him.
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