Nov 012015

The flyer says to send your checks to Sacramento. Many people know that Gaines just moved from Placer to run for this office in El Dorado County. I am not posting the flyer here for obvious reasons – but a serial carpetbagger is asking people to mail their checks to a third county versus the two they have lived in various places in.

The flyer has an entry price of $125, which is an obscene number for El Dorado County – but the message in the email is the whopper of the ages (whopper emphasized):

Coming up Monday, November 16th I’ll be holding the first event for my El Dorado County Supervisorial campaign!  Phil & Laurie Chiappe will be hosting the event at their beautiful home in Serrano.  I’m looking forward to bringing new and effective leadership to El Dorado County and I hope I can count on your support!

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