Oct 032015
12083811_10206553532829152_1740054406_nLauren Stephens started the SB277 Referendum failure borne out of a paranoid fantasy.
It appears that Tim Donnelly agreed to get involved as he saw opportunities for promotion of his failing radio show and a chance to make a few bucks.
Then along came a bunch of Moms who were both worried and angry that their rights got trampled again by the socialist empire in Sacramento.
Now that Lauren Stephens is being caught in her own lies – she is attempting to create a paper trail after the fact in an attempt to leave Tim Donnelly holding the bag.
The embedded screenshot of Lauren Stephens facebook page from this morning shows a complete lack of remorse. She has told multiple people multiple stories – lending credence to people’s opinion that she is a sociopath.
Donnelly, for his part is remiss to admit fault or apologize, rather is sending out a string of emails and posts whining for sympathy. Tim Donnelly will allow Lauren Stephens to take him down with her.
In addition – Lauren Stephens is the treasurer for the SB277 campaign, so her below rant implicates herself when she thinks somehow that she will be able to pin the FPPC fines on Donnelly. Lauren is personally liable for the lie about the $150k check and the multiple anonymous $5k donations in to the gofundme account. She has basically handed the FPPC the evidence they need to fine her in this email. This is what happens when you are a sociopath, you feel no empathy or remorse at all.
In addition, Lauren also attempts to re-lie about the FedEx boxes. She told multiple people she had the airbills, yet below attempts to change the narrative by throwing yet another well-meaning volunteer under the bus.
On one hand I feel sorry for Tim Donnelly, but then I see his utter and complete lack of ability to apologize and come clean. This will destroy Tim Donnelly, because he finally met his match in Lauren Stephens.
Meantime, will the mothers of California be able to seek redress?

I am writing to inform you that I am in possession of screenshots and emails of Noelle Foster and others instructing each other to file legal complaints about me and to lie and say that they gave boxes of petitions to me and to leave others that were in the chain, out of the chain.

In one of those messages, it said to (fraudulently) claim that boxes of petitions went from Janine Kloss to me. I have never met Janine Kloss in my life and I never transported anything on her behalf. If Janine is in on this criminal behavior, then she should expect to be held accountable for this along with the others. If Janine is not involved in this, she should at least be alerted to it. I believe she was one of the recipients of these messages, yet here we are days later – and as far as I know, she has said nothing about this.

Isn’t she planning on running for office?

As you are aware, my involvement in the transport of petitions was minimal, however, you have consistently failed to communicate that to others.

Very shameful.

Additionally, in the messages, it stated that one of the Sacramento coordinators was told by the Sac elections clerk that someone had ALREADY TURNED IN two boxes of petitions, which as a result, would be disqualified. There are the alleged missing petitions right there.

And, if things couldn’t get any worse…

I have evidence that Jen Colleen was, in fact, well aware that when she shipped the fedex boxes late Sunday, they would not arrive any earlier than Tuesday. I have repeatedly requested the fedex receipts and airbills from her to prove otherwise. She refuses to do so. Her claims that *some arrived and some didn’t* is, obviously, a lie since it was not at all possible that ANY of them arrived on Monday. I asked her to provide me with the county name(s) and tracking number(s) of the counties that were shipped on Sunday, that arrived Monday. I am still waiting.

I am going to give YOU the opportunity to communicate these facts to the public and the media in a timely manner. In absence of that, I will handle it myself. I hope I don’t have to be the one to do it, but if I must bring facts, along with the appropriate evidence, to light in order to clear my name, make no mistake about it – I absolutely will. Without hesitation.

I understand that you and your harem are extremely upset that I quickly moved on to another initiative (as if it is any of your business in the first place), but here we are once again and all of you are on the wrong side of things. A great number of people are mindful of what is going on here, and they don’t like it. I have many more supporters of significance than you realize. They will stand up against this if needed. Must it really come to that?

One last thing, as you know, I am painfully aware that your committee has failed to file the required campaign finance reports with the state in regards to the $5,000.00+ donations, as well as the $150,000 donation. I sent you an email regarding this on September 24th, which went unanswered. Consider this to be the last reminder I will send.

I would kindly suggest that you immediately end this public pissing match, man up and get your people under control. It is painfully obvious they are not well equipped enough to take me on.

Lauren Stephens

If the mothers of California want to see SB277 overturned, they need to make sure that Lauren Stephens fries and that Tim Donnelly is separated from any future efforts – from anything.
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