Oct 082015

UPDATE2: Now the calls from DC are saying that NOTHING is going to happen, when followed up regarding the subject matter, the sources are back-peddaling. Was McCarthy the victim of a smear drill? (Updated 10/13)

UPDATE1: Late Friday: The story has changed to McCarthy retiring.  Early Monday 10/12 Erick Erickson reported that McCarthy told colleagues he is not resigning. Still no answer as to the reason or whether he is retiring. Rumors and calls are persisting.

Reason: Multiple affairs. No one confirmed whether or not the allegation involving Congresswoman Renee Elmers was true.

The building is abuzz and insiders are calling people in an attempt to warn them that McCarthy will be leaving Congress (either immediately or simply not running for re-election) as the sex scandal is about to break.

If this is true – then we now have context for his abrupt exit from the speaker’s race.

I am writing about this because the sources are impeccable and have been for years.

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