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1,132,095 pieces of mail. You know – this is for “communicating” with constituents. Like the 26 pieces of mail sent in 2014 when she was on the ballot for re-election. Since Beth only ripped off the taxpayers for 21 pieces from 7/11/2011-11/8/2013 – you’d assume that the onslaught of mail in 2014 was done in order to help Beth conserve the remaining dollars in her campaign accounts as she was preparing to shop for her next government paycheck.

Beth Gaines was shopping for her next office in 2014, before she was re-elected to her last term in the Assembly. Every close and seasoned political observer knows this.

Beth Gaines sent 453,074 pieces of mail at taxpayer expense in 2014. Let that sink in. 453,000 pieces. Only 7799 of them came after election day in 2014, (ostensibly to help set up her next run somewhere else). A closer look at the Assembly Open Records Act Request your intrepid blogger obtained shows the ugly truth.

When Andy Pugno challenged Beth Gaines in 2012, she sent 154,285 pieces of mail in the primary of 2012, and another 161,495 pieces in the general election. ‘

The outrageous totals are here:

11-12 – 315,780 pieces (8 separate mailings)

2013 – 212,130 pieces (13 separate mailings)

2014 – 453,074 pieces (26! separate mailings)

YTD 2015 – 151,111 pieces (13 separate mailings) – most have gone to El Dorado County where she is running for office in 2016.

Total = 1,132,095 pieces. 60 Separate Mailings. We paid for it all.

Which gets us to 2015. Beth Gaines knew she had decided on shopping for El Dorado County Supervisor. This is obviously why I have gotten reports of people in El Dorado County receiving at least 4 pieces of mail each, with one uncorroborated report of one resident getting 8 pieces of mail.

Even though the records request did not show where the mail went – we know from people in the El Dorado Hills Area (which is where her next would-be office is and whose district overlaps the assembly district – how cozy), who have been getting a bunch of Assembly Mail from Beth Gaines.

You can conclude that Beth Gaines is abusing the Assembly Mail program to buttress her campaigns for office, and is doing so at our expense.

Witness – We have never gotten a piece of Assembly mail from Beth Gaines. No one we know in Roseville has gotten a Piece of Mail from “Assemblymember” Beth Gaines since 2012 when she was fighting for her political life against Andy Pugno.

Beth Gaines is proud of telling people she does not take the $30k a year per diem (which is true), but, Whoops… here is $280k – 300k worth of Assembly Mail! (the estimated cost is .25-.28 a piece, not including the labor cost of the folks running the assembly press)

Look some of the dates the mail was sent in 2014, and then ask yourself if our conclusion that the taxpayers paid for some of Beth Gaines’ campaign is inaccurate:

7/31 (2x), 8/4, 8/5 (2x), 8/11 (2x), 8/12, 8/15, 8/18, 8/19, 8/20, 9/3, 9/4. Note that sending a piece on 9/5 would have been illegal as it would have been within 60 days of election day… so they saturation bombed 177,674 pieces in the 36 days leading up to the cutoff, and we paid for it all.

The low end of the total cost – $280,000 would have paid for two staffers for those 4 years. Beth Gaines’ office is alleged to have poor constituent services (unless the requestor is useful to Ms. Gaines), imagine what two more staffers at $35k a year a piece could have done to help improve the level of service!

Don’t forget – the estimated value of the forfeited per-diem payments was about $120,000 – so the mail cost was more than double that.

There are open records acts for a reason. Click Here To See the File the Assembly Rules Committee Sent Us.

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