Sep 212015

Beth Gaines is running for El Dorado County Supervisor. Here is the link showing $102k in her account.

Beth Gaines was running for Board of Equalization in 2018. This account was closed after a fundraiser or two and moved to her Assembly Account. (That account is linked here)

Beth Gaines is running for State Senate in 2020.

Beth Gaines is also running for CAGOP National Committeewoman.

Ted Gaines is running for Board of Equalization in 2018. Why does Ted Gaines, who will not leave office until 2020 have this account open?


Take a look at Ted Gaines’ BOE account. It says 2018. His term does not end until 2020. Will Ted Gaines finish his term in the State Senate? This blog believes the answer is no. Gaines gets a free pass in 2018 to Run for Board of Equalization and is attempting to raise money now to buy the annoying slate mail cards in early 2017. Those cards are the single biggest item to have in a Board of Equalization district that spans an incredible 20+ counties.

What does this mean? If Ted is elected to Board of Equalization in 2018, then it opens up SD01 for Beth Gaines to be able to capitalize on Ted’s Name ID in a similar manner to the 2011 AD04 set up that got her in to the legislature in the first place. This means that Beth will run for State Senate in 2019 with a name ID advantage in a special election, the best possible scenario for her.

The correct questions to ask are, will Beth Gaines finish her term as El Dorado County Supervisor? Will Ted Gaines (if re-elected in 2016) finish his term in the State Senate?

What is missing from all of these accounts listed above are contributions to voter registration or local Republican Candidates. Granted, there are contributions to other Republican Candidates running in other parts of the state, but scant reference to anything related to building the GOP.

People are searching for answers as to how a candidate like Donald Trump could rocket to the top of the GOP Presidential Polls and stay there despite his bombastic behavior. People have grown resentful of incumbent politicians. Look at the above.

The Gaines have now moved multiple times in order to facilitate runs for office. What does that do for the Republican brand? What kind of message does that send to the voters of the area?

Certainly, anyone who thinks through their actions can not feel like they matter a whole lot to the Gaines.

This is why their lack of participation in building the Republican Party matters. It looks like most of their effort is spent on moving and setting up their next run(s) for office. These sorts of machinations are an argument against term limits as well as politicians have become famous for their machinations to stay in any office.

How does this elect more Republicans? Keep asking this question every time you see moves like this.

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