Jul 052015

Let me preface this post by saying that I have met a few people lately within the Tea Party that are causing me to re-think my animosity towards the Tea Party.

I say that even as the Tea Party that I know is rearing it’s naive, reactionary, self destructive head with regard to the SB277 referendum effort.

The attack of the Lauren Stephens Team is the usual, Park derangement syndrome, peppered with the “he hates Donnelly”stuff. A handful of blind moonbats, all of whom claim public association with the tea party have drank the kool-aid and followed along.

So let’s go down the how to not to Win a Referendum, Lauren Stephens Style… kind of like a tutorial.

1. You do not start a referendum claiming a conspiracy to cover for an elected that you hate. (I am not referring to Scott Walker, I am referring to a state senator in California)

2. You do not attempt to change the narrative after you file a referendum. This would include claiming that a prominent signature gathering firm in California gave you the advice and direction to do so.

3. You can not amend a passed and signed bill via a referendum. Claiming as such is another lie.

4. 5000 Facebook likes? You need 380K valid signatures. How many live in California? How many will actually get out and work?

5. No successful referendum has ever passed led by someone that files frivolous complaints and lawsuits. Even Karen England understood this. Filing complaints and bragging about them publicly is called bullying, kind of like getting beat up by your husband while he blames you for it.

6. Tim Donnelly is toxic. He will appeal to the same types of people that you can lie to and get to parrot personal attacks against Conservative leaders, but he can not appeal to independents, democrats nor anyone of color. Doesn’t leave much left of this pie, does it?

7. Attacking the proponent of a legitimate referendum effort by public slander, claiming his effort is bogus, then text messaging him offering a deal suggests that you are suffering from multiple personality disorder and that is certainly no way to win a referendum statewide.

8. Placing serial phone calls and text messages to a variety of people in California and telling several of them a different story when they do call you back is a disturbing behavior pattern.

9. You attempted a recall, you could not even get it served on to the intended victim. Why do you think you can run a referendum?

The above have nothing to do with an insurance policy. They have to do with character and political sense.

Lauren Stephens has demonstrated through her behavior that she is unstable and untrustworthy. I could think of no better partner for her than Tim Donnelly.

They are her words and her deeds. It does not matter if her Tea Party squad are impervious to the truth – fortunately they only get one vote.

Meantime – those of us that represent anything other than the fringe need to go stick up for the parents of California as I believe that Lauren Stephens cares more about her case of Park Derangement Syndrome, and her desire to help the Dems re-take SD14, than she does nailing Richard Pan to the wall.

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