Jul 122015

This week LAFCO imposed deadlines on IOV backers!

(blogger’s Note – CFA = Financial Analysis, EIR = State Mandated Waste of Money on Environmental Impacts, IOV = NIMBY’s)

Placer County LAFCO delivered the message to Olympic Valley incorporation supporters  loud and clear Wednesday afternoon, indicating no more delays, it’s time to pay up.

The Commission adopted a staff recommendation that denied an IOV request to delay the EIR, while setting a firm deadline for IOV to make EIR payment (Aug 13), and if payment is not made, staff will suspend all work. (It looks like the NIMBY’s just got their free ride at our expense cut off)

Despite heavy advocacy for incorporation by commission chair Miguel Ucovich, LAFCO members voted against the chairman on a 5-2 vote. Ucovich, who led the effort to incorporate Loomis 30 years ago, has become an outspokenly biased advocate for incorporation of Olympic Valley. Ucovich called the draft CFA “skewed” even after fiscal experts addressed concerns about the document. I still do not understand why the otherwise staunch conservative would be supporting an effort that is fiscally doomed from jump street…

Brian Sheehan, the other member who voted no on the motion, serves on the Squaw Valley Public Service District board. Sheehan, who also has made no effort to recuse himself, is an ally of incorporation and vocal in his support. In the opinion of this author, Sheehan’s conflicts of interest should be investigated.

LAFCO meets August 12 when its expected to consider a revised comprehensive fiscal analysis (CFA).

IOV seems to ignore the fiscal realities, seeking to send the revised CFA to the state controller for review.  The anti-growth IOV people don’t care about reality despite a process and document that has been fair to both sides.

Based on the preliminary CFA, the claims by IOV that the document is riddled with errors will be readdressed and is expected to be finalized. IOV attorney Michael Colontuano, an expert litigator of incorporation efforts,  mentioned litigation during his remarks.

Got all that – even if all the alleged errors in the Financials are addressed, Larry the Lawyer is going to file suit. He just said so and LAFCO knows it. This is what NIMBY’s do when they don’t get their own way. Meantime – 1,000 jobs are being held at legal gunpoint by IOV. Don’t you just love California Law and how it is written to encourage this?

For all the whining of the Left over rich people, they should be outraged over what Ilfeld (the Rich university professor) and Larry the Lawyer are doing to Placer County.

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