Jul 132015

Park Deraingment Syndrome has beset the CRA. They just can’t move on.

Witness the latest Legal threat letter from Craig Alexander. Mr. Alexander is so consumed by rage that he can not help himself. The CRA got everything George and I had records-wise.

The amazing thing is that Pat Garcia – the paranoid treasurer said he had copied everything out of the former Hightail Account (at least he told another CRA officer that) and of course the CRA Black Widow, Alice Khosravy has copies of everything (If she doesn’t, she is either lying or has broken her long established neurosis). I have pointed that out to the CRA’s brain trust a few times.

Which leads me to the dramatic irony of the CRA’s Interim President, Baghdad Tom Hudson telling the world that the “CRA is OK”, the “CRA is growing”, “There is nothing wrong with CRA”…

… while he is trying to convince a unit he tried to stop the formation of in the first place from leaving CRA.

… while he had no clue that ousted CRA President John Briscoe is poised to head the newly forming CIR.

… while he is attempting to fill the vacancy left by the resignation of Noel Parrish.

Wait? Noel Parrish – the wife of OC Treasurer Claude Parish quit CRA? Yup. The toxicity level is astounding and the people that used to lend credibility to the organization by their mere presence are leaving (or are getting expelled for life).

Why did Tom Hudson try to hide her resignation if the CRA is doing well? Why hasn’t Tom Hudson been able to find a replacement for Her if the CRA is doing well?

Perhaps it is the same reason why he had to scrape the sewer to appoint a bunch of useless retreads on to the CRA Board… no one credible wants to be a part of it.

Witness CRA weed-eater Tim Thiesen telling Greg Powers that “Until Jesus Comes Back” in response to a question related to the cover up of fraud in 3 CRA units. They have to make unit officers permanent both for control purposes and because most CRA units are insular and have no effective leadership.

Which brings me to Tom Hudson – in his own words:

Dear George,
Have you completed the final Form 460 for the PCRA PAC?
Did you file the closing Form 410 after closing down the PAC’s bank account?
If so, please send me scanned copies of those forms.
I am writing on behalf of the Placer County Republican Assembly Board of Directors.  You shut down the PAC’s bank account while you were serving as its Treasurer.  With the closing of that account, the PAC ceased to exist.  As a matter of law, you remain the PAC Treasurer for purposes of mandatory campaign finance disclosure until a new Treasurer has been selected.  No new Treasurer has been selected and there are no plans to select anyone for that job because you closed down the PAC.
Who was serving on the PAC Board of Directors when the account was closed and the funds were disbursed?  Who voted to take these actions?
Please understand that I am sending you this note to keep YOU out of trouble.  I would hope that you would do the same for me if our positions were reversed.  I am willing to help you get these mandatory filings completed, if I can.  However, if you ignore this note, you need to know that the current Board of Directors will need to contact the Fair Political Practices Commission about this situation in an attempt to avoid fines and criminal penalties for noncompliance.
Best regards (on behalf of the PCRA Board)
Allow me to remind everyone that the PCRA does not have a board. It is contrived… but, the CRA’s Board of Directors will recognize whomever Tom Hudson asks them to… until Mr. Hudson outlives his usefulness and gets his turn at the purge table.
Mr. Hudson sent George this email while at the same time another PCRA PAC exists. Since Hudson is a master of having multiple entities set up at the same time in order to pay bills and deal with the IRS… This Shadow PCRA PAC has an FPPC ID number that starts with 122 – suggesting an origin 10 years ago. Why is the contact info the same as a well-known Right-Leaning non-profit lawyer group?
What will Hudson use this shadow PAC for? It is a not-so-well-kept secret that Hudson despises Kirk Uhler. There are elements on the Placer GOP Cent Com that want to challenge Uhler to teach him a lesson (while letting Commie-Lib Hippie, Jennifer Montgomery get off scott-free) because of Measure B.
Has all of Tom Hudson’s near Psychotic behavior been about setting up a narrative against Kirk Uhler? I am sure the voters will cut the fat and re-elect Uhler next year… but there are windmills to charge don’t you know…
… which is where the CRA is. They are consumed with Park Deraingement Syndrome. Since they have to be right at all costs, they will continue to act like the prophets of Baal, who went to insane extremes (including bleeding to death) in order to win an argument with the Prophet Elijah.
They aren’t just Right, they are Really Right… down the crazy train.

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