Jul 212015

Timing is everything.

Before George and I were expelled from the CRA for life, we fought to free the organization from being used as a picadillo for individuals to rubber stamp their personal causes. (unless, of course they could get 2/3 of a group of real, independent people to agree)

Enter the AB1266 Initiative. Mike Spence obtained seed money of $100k from Howard Ahmundson (sp?) to get that initiative off the ground. Within 24 hours, Tom Hudson sent an email requesting the CRA’s board endorse the effort.

Problem 1 – Spence and Hudson are closely tied financially via the California Taxpayer Protection Committee. (One of several organizations / entities Hudson is affiliated with)

Problem 2 – Karen England is in year 4 of a 10-year ban from CRA. Now why would Hudson (who advocated for her ban, btw) now want to legitimize an effort she is the front person for?

George and I had to be thrown out of CRA, there is money to be made. (In addition to filling the inner needs of the nerd colony to feel validated, but I digress)

Ironically, I support the concept of overturning AB1266. I’d support this effort if the CRI and Karen England were not a part of it. However, due to the corruption of the organization and Ms. England as I have demonstrated with evidence for years, I can’t endorse anything they are a part of.

I will state, however, that my view of Mr. Spence is different. At least he is honest about his role(s) in politics and he has been consistent over the years. IF Spence was smart, he’d take the AB1266 initiative over and run it himself.

P.S. Ab1266  was the “I think I am a girl, so I am going to go play girl’s softball and use the girl’s bathroom bill”.

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