Jun 272015

Everyone knows I don’t like Beth Gaines very much.

It started with the betrayal of John Allard in 2011 (and several others) by the Gaines so that Beth could go get a government paycheck relying on no qualifications other than her last name. This followed her husband’s public betrayal of Congressman John Doolittle a few years earlier – a family political pattern.

In 2011, she lied (and got away with it) about being a business owner / businesswoman. The court said she lied but declined to remove the ballot designation because ballots had been printed. 

In 2012, Beth Gaines was torched by the Sacramento Bee for sending out a campaign mailer attacking Andy Pugno that was an outright lie. I have saved the PDF for posterity. She attacked Pugno for the actions of another business that has an office in the same building.

Gaines also voted against a campaign finance bill that would have caused her biggest benefactor’s name to end up on independent expenditures on her behalf.

Gaines has proven to be so incompetent in the legislature – Beth Gaines actually had to vote against her own amendment on the floor of the Assembly because of her drafting error.

We have documented that Gaines went office shopping and is currently engaged in the time-honored tradition of trying to anoint a successor.

Not coincidentally, Gaines’ office was implicated in an attempt to smear would-be opponent Placer County District 4 Supervisor Kirk Uhler. The since-retracted attack was planted in a local tea party by Beth Gaines’ Chief of Staff and her District Director accusing Uhler of supporting Tax-increases. (If true, it would be the kiss of death in Placer’s 4th District where Beth Gaines lived until recently)

Incidentally, some of Beth Gaines’ allies on the local Placer GOP Central Committee are talking openly about challenging Kirk Uhler for re-election, still parroting some of the erroneous information. This has not gone away – Beth Gaines never did a thing to take out any democrats in Placer County, only attacking Republicans she did not like. It appears her slime has infected the Placer GOP as well.

Beth Gaines is alleged to have looked at running against Roberta MacGlashan in Sacramento County and the $130k+ paycheck that comes with.

So, the Gaines’ rented a house in El Dorado County’s first Supervisor District. The incumbent has no money and has had a bizarre history as a supervisor.

Beth Gaines has $200k in her Assembly account on paper. (Although, she is alleged to have substantial off-the-books-debt, which if true is illegal) The money in the Assembly account can be used on a local race.

El Dorado supervisor pays $76k a year, not quite what an assembly-member makes, but it will do because it includes benefits.

With Beth settling in to her third residence in the last 4 years, (2 of the 3 rented in order to support varied runs for office) almost on queue, her erstwhile opponent gets lit up by the El Dorado Grand Jury!

I wrote about this a couple days ago – but under the “no coincidence” category, one of the leaders of the Grand Jury is none other than a donor and well-known supporter of Beth Gaines. That person, Ken Steers, is a wealthy Business Owner in El Dorado County and in 2011, was telling people publicly that the Gaines do his insurance.

While Steers and Gaines will/are denying any involvement in the Grand Jury smear – the pattern is undeniable and the grotesquely unprofessional and political nature of the Grand Jury report fails the smell test.

Those of us that know the Gaines best understand this pattern of lies and slime. It is the only way someone who lacks qualification and competence can win elections.

You would think that with $200k in the bank and an extremely vulnerable and broke opponent that Beth Gaines would not need to resort to this – perhaps this is an admission that Gaines really did commit a felony (as in if the off the books debt is indeed real) or that everyone around her is admitting that what I have written about her incompetence is true?

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