May 122015

Remember Nancy Pelosi – we’ll find out what’s in it later?  (When referring to the need to vote yes on ACA before anyone had a chance to read the bill)

Well – apparently that is not a unique perspective.

You never know what you might catch when you going fishing.  After I posted interesting items related to Placer County’s Local Agency Formation Commission (LAFCO), I dug deeper into the agenda packet for Wednesday’s meeting. Then, I ran across a neat little legal jewel.

An attorney representing incorporation efforts up at Squaw Valley urges Placer County to keep a document secret! Anytime I see lawyers asking for secrecy, it sets off alarm bells. 

Michael Colantuono represents people who want to incorporate Olympic Valley (that’s the Squaw Valley area I referred to yesterday where about 500 people are registered to vote). Colantuono sent a letter to William Wright, the attorney for Placer County’s LAFCO, asking for increased transparency from LAFCO staff and then urging them to keep an economic study under wraps. Does he recognize his own hypocrisy?

LAFCO is expected to publish this week a Comprehensive Fiscal Analysis (CFA) of whether incorporation makes sense financially. The incorporation folks were given an advance copy of the “draft” document before it was made public.

Now – let that sink in a bit. Is anyone else wondering why the Incorporate Olympic Valley folks are able to get a copy of the economic study before anyone else?  While that may be interesting by itself, it’s the correspondence between two attorneys that has me calling BS.

The study is not public yet, and Colantuono’s letter to the county complains about LAFCO’s lack of transparency. He requests—or demands—that the document remain secret until AFTER the county negotiates the cost of services with the new town representatives. This is not only arrogant, it is corrupt.

Perhaps the NorCal Tea Party and other groups should take a closer look at this corruption. I am serious, this crap should not be happening anywhere and certainly not in my backyard.

Based on the tone and comments of Colantuono’s comments, incorporation of Olympic Valley is not fiscally viable. So, why keep the document out of the public domain for as long as possible?  Because LAFCO’s consultant agrees? Because the Incorporate Olympic Valley (IOV) folks need to recalculate the numbers, yep—out of public sight!!!! I thought LAFCO’s staff was supposed to be unbiased? What am I missing here?

Someone needs to have their head examined!!!!! Let me suggest one other besides the attorney:

The guy behind incorporation is Fred Ilfeld, who ironically is a psychiatrist, group therapist, philanthropist, adventurer, and grand-father of nine, who teaches at University of Nevada in Reno.  Fred is well-to-do and bank-rolling the incorporation effort. He paid for and submitted the IOV application along with about a dozen supporters.

The Tahoe Daily/Sierra Sun reported two years ago that if Olympic Valley is successful in incorporating, the new town — which would have identical boundaries to the Squaw Valley Public Service District — would have jurisdiction over plans to expand Squaw Valley Ski Resort. That is according to Peter Schweitzer, chair of Incorporate Olympic Valley.

So – think it through, a rich educated liberal college professor is bankrolling an effort to create a little hippie commune that just so happens to be right where one of Placer County’s Largest Tourist Attractions is. I’ve seen this all before – we are having a NIMBY eruption right here in Placer County (again). I still have nightmares about the “Save Granite Bay” signs from many moons ago.

We have the severe drought because of NIMBY’s

Our Freeways are clogged with traffic and inadequate because of NIMBY’s

We have forced power outages because of NIMBY’s

And here they are trying to screw over Squaw Valley? Am I missing something?

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