Mar 112015

We have documented that John Moorlach had a massive compensation package – some $237K from Orange County. It was nearly 30% more than that of Pat Bates.

We’ve documented that Moorlach voted to increase his compensation and on several (two documented on this blog) cases attempted to extend the time he could serve in office to continue drawing those massive paychecks.

We’ve documented Moorlach’s shallow excuse to take the massive pension that both Bates and Shawn Nelson refused.

Moorlach’s largesse at our extent did not stop at just his pension, car slush fund and his massive salary / benefit package – he lit us up for 200k to remodel his throne room

Orange County Supervisor John Moorlach bought an $8,990 desk for the reception foyer of his office, and spent $10,300 on shelving in the supply room.

Now the LA Times is lying about Moorlach, just like all those OC Register Stories we have been back-linking to.

And all four ordered 52-inch wall-mounted flat-screen televisions. The supervisors’ televisions, which will go in their personal offices, cost $4,000 apiece; Street’s, in his conference room, cost $7,800.

The Street referenced is the controversial former OC Treasurer Chriss Street, whose largesse was defended by Moorlach – which was cited in an epic rheeming from OC’s own anti-government watchdog Steven Greenhut.

Moorlach, whose tab was the highest among the supervisors at $198,525.84, said he felt it was unfair to ask office staff to work in the existing environment. “When I got here, I thought I had moved into an old home in Palm Springs in the 1960s,” he said. “It even went beyond my conservative pale. I said, ‘Wait a minute, this has got to be upgraded.’

The latest excuse to break conservative discipline. Even Moorlach’s Chief of Staff got a desk that was more expensive than the others:

Most of the big-ticket items were desks: chiefs of staff to Bates and Nguyen got them for $6,175 each; the one for Moorlach’s chief of staff cost $8,180.

John Moorlach: Fiscal Conservative?

Some of his supporters have sought to justify this largesse by pointing out that the other supervisors did it. Please note that this blog outlines that Moorlach spent even more on himself and his office than the rest did. It is bad enough to buy such overpriced office furniture, but the point is that Moorlach went the extra mile and spent even more than his colleagues!

Oh, and he justified this in interviews like everything else.

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