Mar 132015

John Moorlach lists Deborah Pauly as a paid consultant. (see page 45) Perhaps Pauly is a fitting hire for Moorlach? (See also George Wallace, Bizarre Public Statements, etc)

John Moorlach also lists an eccentric slew of endorsements while his team obsesses over the bright shiny Pringle. Most recently, he added the scandal-marred Carl DiMaio to his list.

Moorlach defended Mike Corona. Remember the “lil Sheriff? in 2010

John Moorlach appeared to waffle on the 1/2 Cent Sales Tax Increase. in 1995

5/18/98 – John Moorlach publicly spoke out against a proposed Bill from Tom McClintock (then of somewhere in So Cal) to abolish the Car Tax.

According to California Public Finance in an article entitled, Opponents Trade Jabs on Car Tax Bill… Moorlach publicly opined on the effects to the County Budget of Replacing or Repealing the Car Tax.

IT’s Not a Tax, It’s a Fee! (Circa 2014)

The sole supervisor supporting the fee increase was John Moorlach, whose motion to increase fees and implement the red-yellow-green placards died for lack of a second, with no discussion. He was asked about Spitzer’s comment that public health would not be endangered

John Moorlach proposed an Illegal Alien Tax (2007)

John Moorlach also Supported a $3 inmate fee to see a nurse.

Ladies and Gentlemen – the John Moorlach experience. But, wait… there’s more.

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