Feb 042015

When I was 26, I wanted to run for office. When I was 31, I quit drinking and decided I never, ever wanted to run for office, ever. I rank both of those as amongst of the five best decisions I have ever made in my life.

There is another 26 year old I hope arrives at the same conclusion before he gets harpooned by the voters next year. That said…

… when you have the same last name as a State Senator, it makes running despite a complete and utter lack of qualifications (other than a lot of photographs) much more plausible and viable. Donors will give to you because of the State Senator.

In 2016, Ted Gaines will enter his political spiral. He will be termed out – which is why it is bizarre that his chief of staff (sssssteve Davey) completely purged his entire staff.

In 2020, Placer County could finally be free of the chains of a Gaines in office. That is nearly six years from now, why am I writing about this?

… Because you’d have to be a complete idiot to think that the Gaines will take that sitting down.

We outed Dave Titus as a possible replacement, but the Emerson Drive express came for him quickly and the rumored escrow in to Rocklin has not materialized yet. The other possibility was the photogenic 26 year old, but that did not seem to ignite either.

Now, what we’ve heard is that team Gaines is trolling the countryside attempting to co-opt someone from the long and increasing list of would-be candidates for assembly. When your world is shrinking, this is what happens when you’re trying to control an outcome of an election.

In the era of term limits, the incumbent politicians are always thinking about their next move. Since I know that the Gaines are having issues outside of legislative life, your intrepid blogger decided to poke around: I give you Beth Gaines for Board of Equalization.

Now, the next question your intrepid blogger needs to ask… will there be a connection between a Gaines endorsement for AD06 (which is useless for anything other than photos and being on a list) and the impending BOE “campaign”?

Dear voters, you’ve been warned…

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