Feb 172015

Here’s the score – John Moorlach voted in support of re-authorizing over 180 property tax resolutions while on the OC Board of Supes.

Contrast – Don Wagner opposed a 2 Billion Dollar Car Tax “extension” while in the Assembly. (That Republicans like Kristen Olsen and Frank Bigelow voted yes on) Opposing this tax is one of the reasons why Don Wagner has the “Soft” 93% CRA Score that Moorlach supporters deride.

This opposition to taxing anything and everything is also why the NFIB, The National Small Business Association, CalTax etc etc etc chose Don Wagner over John Moorlach…

The OC Board of Supes voted to pass these property taxes (often with increases) every year and many times John Moorlach was the deciding vote in a 3-2 split.

The average increase in property taxes was $60 million. This means, then that John Moorlach voted to raise your property taxes by nearly 1/2 a billion dollars.

I think I will take that “Soft” 93% Lifetime CRA Score (See also Don Wagner). (even if the CRA decided to endorse against that 93% CRA Score)

P.S. The CRA Endorsed John Moorlach – I am retaining my right to write as an individual, not as an officer of CRA.

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