Feb 162015

Don Wagner gave $2000 to Donnelly for Governor. Yes, THAT Tim Donnelly.

Leaders help others, often times at their own expense. Don Wagner has given over $300k to other Republican Candidates for office in the last two cycles.

While Team Moorloch derides these Republican Candidates as “Lackluster” – when it comes time for tax increases and they stop them dead, thank people like Don Wagner for doing his part to help us all.

A search of records shows that John Moorlach has made a single donation of $200 to Prop 38 some years ago. I could not find his name on campaign finance records in the last two cycles, except on his own Committee.

Take a look at Team Wagner’s loads of money to help expand the reach of the GOP in California. Let’s start with $15,000 to the OC GOP in just the 13-14 Cycle alone.

But wait, there is so much more:

$50,000 to the CAGOP

$25,000 to the California Republican Leadership Fund

$4100 to Young Kim

$4100 to Janet Nguyen X 2

$4100 to Andy Vidak – who held a State Senate District with a 20 point Dem Registration Advantage

$4000 To Catherine Baker – who picked up a democrat leaning Assembly District in the Bay Area.

$2000 to David Hadley – who picked up a democrat leaning Assembly District in the Palos Verdes Peninsula.

$4100 to Mario Guerra a socially conservative businessman/lay pastor who nearly won a 20 point dem state senate district in East LA.

and a host of other contributions to candidates running around the state – including $1000 to former CRA VP Craig Alexander.

And, have a look at the over $100,000 Don Wagner gave to other Republicans in 2012.

This matters if you care what kind of state we are going to have in the future – it is so much more than the right rhetoric. We need to break the cycle of lone wolves that sit in safe seats doing nothing to expand the party – this is one of the main reasons why I support Don Wagner. John Moorlach first took office when I was in the military. He has had ample opportunity to lead in this area and has not.

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