Feb 162015

The CRA Scorecard has existed for 15 years and it is a measure of performance. There have been many times where the CRA has endorsed against someone with a 90% lifetime score. I am pointing out Don Wagner’s CRA Score because it shows him to be a conservative. Period. We all know t hat the local CRA Chose Moorloch despite Wagner’s proven record. That is their right.

John Moorloch is not without his share of “imperfections”

A couple of “minor examples” are as follows – Opposing Local control and supporting gutting term limits.

In 2006 – Moorloch endorsed Measure N, a local measure intended to lengthen Term Limits for County Supervisors. He also worked to pass it. The voters rejected it. Late in his second term, he floated another proposal that his fellow supervisors torpedoed.

John Moorloch opposed a plan by Rossmoor to contract Police Services from the OC Sheriff’s Department.

The problem here is that there is no “perfect” candidate. The anti-Wagner people have chosen to invoke Wagner’s donations from Public Safety Unions and his support of some terrible candidates who were/are connected to Pringle Claus. But, here is John Moorloch doing a couple of very un-conservative things. The record does not lie.

I value Wagner’s contributions to the State GOP. We all should. This is the nexus for someone like me to care so much about the SD37 race – not only is Moorloch flawed on many levels in policy, he has no pattern of helping elect other Republicans at all.

Wagner has helped many and we need that to continue.

P.S. Please allow me to remind the readers that my opinions are my own, and do not reflect those of the State CRA.

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