Feb 052015

As of the writing of this post, the CRA has not endorsed a candidate yet. That is being hosted on Saturday 2/7/2015. While I am a CRA officer, I represent myself and not CRA.

The SD37 Race in my opinion is cut and dried. Don Wagner – Lifetime CRA Score of 92%

A Rated from Howard Jarvis, Gun Owners of CA, California Pro-Life, etc etc etc

From a Conservative Republican Perspective, what’s not to like?

Dana Rohrbacher, an icon of the right endorsed Don Wagner. The NFIB, a hard-right business group endorsed Wagner.

Every single senator and assembly-member the represents part of my home county of Placer has endorsed Wagner.

Am I missing something?

When we take a look at Moorlach – there is a man who has a reputation for being a fiscal rock star, but on the other hand has a record of actions and votes that suggest otherwise.

The CRA should have a severe problem with a “fiscal conservative” who spikes his own pension, no matter how small the spike is. The ‘it’s part of the pay package’ is no defense. When you couple this with votes to raise his own pay and benefits, this suggests a man who is vested in his office and fiscal conservatism applies elsewhere. I will develop this logic and defend it going forward.

Mr. Moorlach voted several times, literally dozens of times to raise fees. Once – he even was at odds with Conservative Icon Tom McClintock on the Car Tax! (I will back these claims up with evidence later) I even have an article where John Moorlach indicated that a fee was not a tax… a classic talking point of the left.

John Moorlach has made several conflicting statements over the years on immigration that should leave anyone confused. However, his recent statements in favor of Amnesty for 11 Million Illegal Aliens should alarm CRA Members.

Moorlach has been railed on several times by Steven Greenhut, who is also revered by the anti-establishment crowd for going native.

He opposed registering lobbyists in Orange County.

He voted in favor of Pot Cards – something regularly abused for recreational use.

There are a lot of things in Mr. Moorlach’s record, documented with articles and his own words that suggest that Mr. Moorlach is not the conservative gold standard he says he is.

The CRA should take notice.

With Don Wagner, you have a list of scorecards from Right-leaning organizations with straight-A results. With Wagner, you know what you are getting.

As a bonus – for CRA members who care about expanding the party, consider:

Wagner donated to every target race in the last two cycles, often times maxing out. Think of names like Andy Vidak, whose win made national news. Think Young Kim and Janet Nguyen whose victories were pivotal for the taxpayers of California.  Think Catherine Baker, David Hadley, Marc Steinorth and Tom Lackey – four successful GOP candidates, three of whom won dem seats and one of whom defended a severely vulnerable GOP seat in the Assembly.

We have suffered through a generation of term-limit babies who have refused to engage in party building. Don Wagner has helped the GOP expand its’ reach.

John Moorlach’s name does not appear on any of those campaign finance reports.

CRA, Please Weigh your decision carefully.

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