Feb 222015

I am sure John Moorlach is a good dude, and is also thoughtful. The problem is he thinks too much.

There is a famous quote, “There you go thinking again”. When Moorlach thinks, often times it is not the Conservative Tax-Fighter he wants all of us to think he is…

Here is what we know as of now about the Moorlach Record:

He proposed an illegal alien tax. $250-$400 a piece.

He Tried to Attack Term Limits Twice. This includes actively campaigning for a failed County Ordinance.

He opposed a plan for Rossmoor to contract police services, preferring instead to force them in to a neighboring city.

Moorlach voted in favor of a ton of property tax resolutions, many of which were increases. These totaled at least $480 Million Dollars in Increases. Often times, Moorlach was the deciding vote in a 3-2 Split.

Showing that his pattern of being soft on taxes is nothing new – 20 years ago, Moorlach could not simply say no to a proposed 1/2 cent county-wide Sales Tax Increase.

John Moorlach even favored heavy-handed campaign finance regulations, coming up on the losing end of a 3-2 vote.

Perhaps Moorlach wanted to extend Term Limits and to brutally regulate campaign finance to enhance his own tenure in office? Every time campaign finance limits are imposed, it favors PAC Donors and Incumbents.

Taxes. Term Limits. Campaign Finance. John Moorlach is not who he says he is… to be continued.

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