Feb 102015

There is a time-honored tradition in the era of term limits. Office Shopping near the end of your tenure.

This is one reason I am extremely grateful for the Proposition that passed making it 12 years in the same place. No more sitting in State Senate looking at Assembly and vice-versa. I hate term limits with a passion, (and I voted yes on Prop 34 years ago) especially now that the cancer is fully metastasized.

Usually the first evidence of Job Shopping are the phantom statewide campaign accounts on the GOP side. (Like the Gaines for BOE Account)

By accounts, the Gaines can not wait 4 years for Beth to get another job. Apparently, there are some other issues forcing them to move faster. (One may be the recent departure of the daughter that was running the family insurance business to another state, and the rumor that the remainder of the business is for sale/being sold or is simply just producing a dwindling income)

Add in that the Gaines’ are still reputed to be in debt to their political consultant and are also alleged to be in debt to sssssteve Davey as well.

I have gotten more intelligence on the Gaines in the last two weeks than I have in the last two years. It is shocking enough to see them doing anything until you consider that the nexus is their own benefit…

… which leads me to the “intelligence”.

People have seen the unbelievably sparse fundraiser invite for Beth Gaines for Board of Equalization 2018. The prevailing wisdom is that this is to cover past debt, however that state money COULD get rolled over to:

1. Placer County Sup District 4 to run against Kirk Uhler.

2. El Dorado County Sup District 1 to run against the extremely unpopular and vulnerable incumbent Ron Mikulaco who has managed to enrage the NIMBY’s, the BANANA’s, the IGMFU’s and the Republicans all at the same time.

Given that Beth Gaines has been meeting with several people in an attempt to select her successor to AD06, let’s step forward and distill what we know versus what makes sense…

She ain’t running for BOE, another more intelligent, better respected Republican candidate will show up and overshadow her in the 30 county district. That large of a district will require an actual campaign, not a fabricated resume and relying on your last name.

However, running against Kirk Uhler is a suicide mission… just ask Pam Tobin who got slaughtered in 2012 by well over 20 points despite being funded.

Running for El Dorado County Sup D1 makes a lot of sense on several fronts…

1. The Gaines still have positive name ID in El Dorado County. Based on info I have, it is the only area where their name is a net positive.

2. El Dorado Hills / County is IN Ted Gaines’ SD01. Ted is going to have to move a certain amount of time before running for re-election in 2016.

3. El Dorado pays their supervisors MORE than the evil Measure B salary for Placer.

Since the pay is the primary nexus, and ease of election runs a close second… this seems to make the most sense.

Bonus – Dave Titus lives in El Dorado County and ssssssteve Davey is rumored to be looking for new digs, in essence such a move could keep the family together.

I don’t know why this stuff surprises me anymore or gives me a hurl reflex, it keeps happening everywhere.

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