Dec 042014

You read it here first.

Several sources from the inside of politics are buzzing that Dave Titus is starting to make the rounds.

This makes sense on several fronts:

It is consistent with the betrayal of John Allard by Steve Davey/Ted Gaines in favor of Beth Gaines some years ago when Mrs. Gaines won the seat based 100% on her name ID, using the pull of her husband to pin down donors and would-be endorsers. With the seat open – but Ted still being an incumbent, and favoring Titus, the dynamic would be similar.

1. Dave Titus is Beth Gaines’ Chief of Staff. Again, is a similar dynamic to a husband / wife legislator scenario.

2. Steve Davey has demonstrated an almost clinical level of paranoia since being Ted Gaines Chief of Staff, suggesting that the list of candidates that would be acceptable and/or trusted would be very small.

3. Dave Titus also ran for assembly years ago, losing to Chuck Quackenbush.

The scenario is complete and makes perfect sense.

I will say this, I do not have the same contempt for Dave Titus that I do for Beth Gaines. I will take a wait and see attitude about Mr. Titus, his campaign, etc…

… consider this the latest installment of arranging the deck chairs on the CAGOP Titanic.

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