Nov 042014


Rene Aguilera is running around 2200 degrees – he got shelled so bad that he was unable to put his own signs up, he had to rely on 90-year-old Republican Phil Ozenick to illegally post his signs in right-of-ways. Aguilera had no mail of his own, only mail about him.

Heck, Aguilera even took his campaign sign out of his own front yard! Perhaps he was trying to make it more difficult for the media to find his house…

Pretty much everyone believes that Tom McClintock will get re-elected. Pay attention to the margin… it will not be what anyone thinks, and it will be fodder for many a pundit in the coming weeks.

Placer County Measure B will pass for a variety of reasons that will be explored in a later post.

The Lincoln, Loomis and Auburn Council Races will be an interesting watch.

However, the Roseville Council Race will be a laugher – with Aggie-Lair-Uh getting hammered, folding like a cheap lawn-chair in a distant third.

Oh, and the school board races? Sorry, Aggie, Mama wins in a landslide… so does Scott Huber. Si Se Perder con Obama.

“Everyone gotta plan till dey get punched in the fathe” — Mike Tyson.



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