Oct 072014

Many of you that read this blog know that Rene Aguilera has an outstanding $18,000 judgement against him for refusing to pay his bills.

Rene’s Corporation has also been suspended nearly 10 years for failure to file tax return and failure to pay filing fees to the Secretary of State.

Rene Aguilera also got lit up with a notice of default on his primary residence.

Rene Aguilera lists no job and no assets on his form 700.

With all of that said – we here at the Right on Daily Blog have been concerned about helping Rene Aguilera reinstate his suspended corporation so that the allegations of fraud will go away. To that end – we received a solicitation in the mail that we believe that Rene Aguilera could benefit from. We even fixed the address on the solicitation.

The contact info for the lending firm (that happens to be in Sacramento!) is in the lower right-hand corner of the form.

Rene, we are here to help. Pay your bills.

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