Sep 242014

Rene Aguilera either has a paperwork problem or he is living off of the system (aka, us).

On his form 700, he lists no Job – yet he travels to Washington D.C. to lobby congress for far-left groups like MALDEF. He also lists no assets on his form 700.

Yet – he got fined for ethics violations by the FPPC for FAILURE TO REPORT A GIFT. Did he fail to report free trips to Washington D.C.?

We have clear evidence that he was using the resources of the RJUHSD to benefit himself.

We have an expired corporation that he (Aguilera) is still using to this day. It expired because Rene Aguilera did not pay his bills 10 years ago and remains expired.

So why is it no surprise that Rene Aguilera, a man with no job, a proven record of screwing up his paperwork, a man with no assets but a healthy travel schedule would have a notice of default filed with the county?

Recording Date: 08/20/2009
Date Of Default: 08/20/2009
Filing Date: 08/20/2009
Document Year: 2009


Amount Of Default: $3,569.47
Address: 136 DONNER AVE,  ROSEVILLE, CA 95678-2707 (Placer COUNTY)
Mailing Address: 136 DONNER AVE,  ROSEVILLE, CA 95678-2707 (Placer COUNTY)
Lender Company Name: CITIMORTGAGE
Lender Address: 2141 5TH AVE,  SAN DIEGO, CA 92101-2101 (San Diego COUNTY)
Trustee Address: 2141 5TH AVE,  SAN DIEGO, CA 92101-2101 (San Diego COUNTY)
Trustee Sale Number: CA-09-308409
Original Loan Date: 10/12/2001
Original Loan Recording Date: 10/18/2001
Last Full Sale Transfer Date: 10/14/1988
Original Loan Amount: $70,427
Original Document Number: 000000108108
Parcel Number Id: 013-142-004-000

Based on what I could gather – Aguilera pays property taxes on about $30,000. (So I suppose he supports prop 13, while wanting to raise everyone else’s taxes) If the note on this house was $70k, then the payment is roughly $600-$700 a month. This means he missed quote a few payments before this notice of default was filed.

It must be tough making a house payment without a job. However, the default was cured and there has not been another one filed – I am not sure if Aguilera got an Obama bailout or if he simply paid his bill.

This guy is running for Roseville City Council and he has recruited two close associates to run for Roseville Joint Union High School District. Now, ask yourself if this is the kind of “Record” you want a Roseville City Council-member to have?

But, wait – there is a lot more, including about Rene Aguilera’s “Associates”.

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