Sep 152014

In our expose’ on career politician Rene Aguilera, we have detailed:

His Seven (!) Runs for Office – including three mid-term, suggesting he could care less about the office he is in, or any other office for that matter.

His three trips – two as a delegate – to the Democrat National Convention.

His extensive list of far left endorsements like the SEIU and the Progressive Alliance.

His apparent Race-Baiting and Racism.

His form 700 which lists no job and candidate statement with gross exaggerations about his volunteer service.

His expired corporation for failure to pay.

… and now we have this: (credit, Roseville Press-Tribune)

According to the FPPC, Rene Aguilera failed to disclose four meals totaling $338.93 while serving on the Roseville City School District board of trustees. His penalty is listed as $200.

“I received a letter (about the violation) and complied by paying the $200 as soon as I found out,” Aguilera told the Press Tribune.

Aguilera is one of 86 public officials statewide accused of failing to report meals or other gifts in excess of $50, as required by the Political Reform Act. The commission will consider the item at its Nov. 14 meeting.

Aguilera spent a decade serving on the Roseville City School District board of trustees before earning a seat in the November 2012 election on the Roseville Joint Union High School district school board.

The FPPC’s investigation traces back to January 2012, when the commission’s enforcement division received information from the Ventura District Attorney’s Office that search warrants executed throughout City Hall had uncovered evidence of unreported gifts, according to the report.

Let’s see – fails to pay his bills? Lies in his form 700 candidate statement? Slammed for Ethics Violations?

Rene Aguilera has no platform from which to speak about anything of governance as it appears he refuses to manage his own affairs.

Looks like Rene Aguilera is the total package… and he should be defeated for Roseville City Council with extreme prejudice and then voted out of office thereafter.

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