Sep 262014

The Train-wreck that is the Rene Aggie-lair-uh (spelled phonetically for you insensitive readers) experience continues to snowball as your intrepid blogger researches the man, the myth and the legend (in his own mind) that is Rene Aguilera.

As mentioned ad-naseum on this blog, H.E.A.R. is a suspended corporation according to the Secretary of State’s website. Further investigation shows that the franchise tax board shut it down on 12/01/2004. This indicates that Rene Aguilera may well have failed to file a tax return as well. (speaking of a pattern of not paying his bills)


… and then there is this. Dated 3/7/2006 is a request from H.E.A.R. for revenue sharing money from the Placer County Board of Supes.

It is my understanding that the Board only donates to Non-Profits. A non-profit is a form of a corporation. When your corporation license is suspended, you are not a corporation – this means that H.E.A.R. was not a non-profit at the time of the request.

Did Rene Aguilera commit fraud? He certainly makes it appear in this letter that H.E.A.R is a non-profit, even listing the tax ID of the suspended corporation on the top of the letter!!!

If you look close at the documents, they are related to the Cesar Chavez Day event in 2006. I really think that Aguilera needs professional help, and professional help with planning the Cesar Chavez Day events. He appears to be breaking the law during the planning of these things – in 2006 with this apparent defrauding of the County Board of Supervisors, and in 2013 when he appears to have misappropriated the resources of the Roseville Joint Union High School District.

It is the opinion of this blogger that Rene Aguilera lied – either by commission, by holding H.E.A.R. out to be a non-profit, or by omission by not being honest about the suspended corporation.

This is a consistent pattern with Rene Aguilera, not paying his bills, refusing to file his paperwork correctly and playing fast and loose with the truth – including him actually getting caught by the FPPC. More will be uncovered here, stay tuned as the Rene Aguilera experience continues to unfold.

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