Sep 192014

… and why should we care?

He has got to be lying on his form 700, that’s why. That’s the only conclusion I can draw.

Mr. Aggie-lair-uh (that is the correct pronunciation for all you insensitive readers) has gone to Washington D.C. for a total of at least 30 days since June according to a pile of posts off of his personal facebook page.

Who is paying for it? Rene Aguilera says he does not have a job. Rene Aguilera reported no assets – other than 136 Donner Ave on his form 700.

In his facebook postings – he celebrates some of his fellow blanket amnesty advocates getting arrested in Washington D.C. for disorderly conduct – someone from the UFW on June 12th.

He also talks about participating in workshops with a bunch of lawyers regarding the Voting Rights Act – which was ammended recently over the vociferous objections of race-baiters like Rene Aguilera because it was being used to discriminate against Asians, let alone White people.

The VRA is an outdated law and was designed to keep people from charging poll taxes and drawing districts to mess over Latinos and Blacks. It seems to have worked as we seem to have a lot of Latino and Black representatives in significant offices all over America… but apparently the VRA needed to be tightened and made even more onerous according to Rene Aguilera.

I’ve been told that Aguilera has been visiting electeds all over the local area as well, complaining about non-existent race-related problems in school districts in Placer County.

In and amongst all the posts about advocating for Amnesty and against any attempts to modernize the institutional discrimination of the VRA are photos of Hillary Clinton, Dianne Feinstein, Michelle Obama and a host of other pillars of the American Left.


I am looking at Trip after Trip after Trip.

Does Rene Aguilera give a rip about Placer County? He’s run for 7 different offices in the last decade and right now – only 1 3/4 years in to his term on the Roseville High School Board – he is looking to jump again… and he has recruited two fellow democrats to try to take over the Roseville Joint Union High School District Board as well.

The picture of a man without integrity, a man who is on the far-left fringes of society and a man who has made a profession of living off of others is becoming quite clear.

It is time for Rene Aguilera and those close to him to be removed from office / defeated at the polls.

To be continued.

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