Aug 242014

You can tell a lot about a candidate from their campaign filings.

You can tell a lot about a candidate from their campaign habits.

Rene Aguilera is a train-wreck.

Rene Aguilera has run for Office in every election cycle since 2000 – except 2004, and if you count Dem Central Committee, he has run in all of them.

He has run for Roseville City School Board – losing once and winning twice.

He has run for Roseville City Council Twice – losing once and currently on the ballot (which is why I am beating on him)

He has run for Placer County Supervisor – in an attempt to dilute votes in an attempt to help Rocucci over Rocky Rockholm. He lost.

Three times mid-term in his school board seats – he has run for other office. Does Rene Aguilera give a rip about the kids at all? He had to resign the Roseville City School District – because he got elected to the High School District in 2012 (which he currently infests).

The only reason Aguilera won is because the three incumbents did not campaign.

So – I am performing a vital community service to educate people who Rene Aguilera really is.

Aguilera’s Form 700 is revealing.

It lists no income suggesting that Aguilera is on Welfare. This suggests that Aguilera is the consumate liberal democrat, living off of the very people he rails on for being racists.

… and Aguilera wants to help manage the multi-million-dollar budget of Roseville?

His Candidate Statement form is also rich.

Placer County’s #1 Race-Baiter did not file a Candidate Statement in Spanish. #hypocrite.

He paid for the English ballot statement with a check – and let’s hope it clears unlike past checks he has written in campaigns. (according to sources) In any event, you can rest assured that your tax dollars likely funded Aguilera’s filing.

In his ballot statement – Aguilera lists no occupation. He claims to have volunteered for everything under the sun – including Bayside Church. No one I know at Bayside has seen this bombastic walrus at any of their events. So, if Aguilera volunteered, it must have either been for five minutes in an out-of-the-way area, or maybe another organization using the name Bayside.

Long-windedly, I am accusing Rene Aguilera of lying in his candidate statement.

The best nugget in Rene Aguilera’s candidate statement is the reference to his desire to update the City Plan to “Green” guidelines.

He also indicates he is an advocate for affordable housing, public safety and transportation – more on these soon.

More on Rene Aguilera coming soon…


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