Aug 222014

Why is Matt Guadalupe Cunningham such a moron? I found rare and recently uncovered footage of Cunningham’s first interview at the capitol for a government job years ago… it may explain a lot.

Why is it that when the little guys win, that Kurt Kringle and his assistant Matt Guadalpue Cunningham are on the losing end?

Not unlike the Chuck Norris Facts website – I am offering you some amazing and true facts behind the liberation of the Anaheim Republican Assembly.

1. 18 people that joined CRA were former Republicans who had re-registered DTS out of disgust over the political process. They re-joined the GOP in order to join CRA.

2. The officer elections at the Wednesday night reorganization meeting were CONTESTED. There was debate.

3. Benita Gagne – who was attacked by name by Matt Cunningham, had not endorsed a candidate for Anaheim mayor and had not made up her mind until Steve Sarkis went on his rampage. Let that sink in and then put that in perspective with the…

4.  … previously mentioned stunned phone call with Tom Tait where he said he was going to support re-electing Steve Sarkis and could not figure out why his application was rejected.

5. The aforementioned Guadalpue, Kurt Kringle and the rest of the Anaheim Chamber Crew did not attempt to join CRA until AFTER Steve Sarkis attempted to reject the 49 members.

6. 12 Officers of the State CRA were present – these included: CRA President John W Briscoe, CRA VP’s Mark Gardner, Tim Thiesen, Alice Khosravy, Aaron Park, Jonathan Ingram and Bill Schmidt, Membership Secretary George Park, Recording Secretary Todd Blair, Senate District Directors Benita Gagne, Kurt Kunkel and Wendy Albright.

7. 13 more people Joined the Anaheim RA on Wednesday Night + apps received in the mail Thursday. This beings their membership to 92. This makes the Anaheim RA one of the 7 Largest Units in the CRA. For comparison, the other large units are Santa Clarita (the clear #1), Placer, San Joaquin, Porterville, Glendale Burbank, Murrieta Temecula rounding out the top seven with Anaheim.

8. Matthew Guadalupe Cunningham lives in Orange. There is a CRA Unit in Orange. It lists several political consultants amongst its’ members, Cunningham would be right at home there. Cunningham’s membership application is dated 7/28 – after Steve Sarkis started throwing out existing members of the Anaheim RA.

9. No CRA Unit has expelled more than 2 existing members in the last three years. In all cases, the expulsions were done by the board of the respective unit with ample reasons to do so. None of the 6 people who Sarkis attempted to execute were given a hearing, nor were they warned of said action.

10. There is a significant movement within the State CRA’s Board of Directors to Ban proxy voting at the local unit level. We banned this practice at the state level in 2012. The only units that allowed Proxy Voting have been in Orange County – the Anaheim RA is one of them.

11. There is a significant movement within the State CRA’s Board of Directors to set guidelines for how units deal with rejecting memberships. There are state by-laws that govern such actions, including providing notice and a hearing. Anaheim’s By-Laws had no such provisions – leading to the attempted rejection of 49 new members, attempted expulsion of 6 existing members and the likely rejection of the additional 13 that joined this week had something not been done.

Yet – in the mind Matt Cunningham, everything was all about the mail campaign of Tom Tait.

I understand why people leave comments that say —- you Matt Cunningham. Mr. Cunningham is a fool for putting himself in a position where a win for the CRA comes at his expense.

I am not a Pollyanna. I know that some of the new Anaheim RA members won’t renew once the campaign is over – however, I know that from the people I met Wednesday night, they care deeply about their home town of Anaheim. They get nothing out of CRA other than a forum from which to operate and to try to grow the GOP and the movement to restore Republican values to government.

That is the definition of a movement and that transcends a stupid logo on a stupid piece of mail.

I received the following comment on this blog:

Thank you SO MUCH for your help. Seriously. I am floored that perfect strangers would come help like that.

Idiots like Matt Cunningham will never understand this. This is why I will never be a full-time political consultant, ever. This is why being a paid political operative is not compatible with being a true believing activist. When your paradigm is manipulation and control – the concept of family and being an officer in a volunteer organization is foreign.

I hope that the movement that is starting in Orange County of Active, vibrant CRA units will start attracting people back in to the GOP so that a Anaheim turns Red again and that lost territory in Orange County can be reclaimed.

P.S. – with all due respect to Lucille Kring and Tom Tait, I have not endorsed anyone, I will not endorse anyone. That is a local election in Anaheim some 400 miles away from me. I write this despite my internal desire to endorse Tait and attack Kring just to spite that arrogant asshole Cunningham. However, if I did that, I’d be guilty of mimicking his behavior.

The Anaheim Council race is not a state or a federal election which affects me indirectly (which is my nexus for sometimes blogging on state/federal races outside of Placer County) so I defer to the people of the Anaheim RA and the OC Cent Com to ably adjudicate endorsements in said races.

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