Jun 212014

For those of you just tuning in – A judge threw El Dorado Supervisor Ray Nutting out of office for misdemeanor convictions. The Judge was a 69-year old Deukmejian appointee with connections, but not strong connections to psychotic El Dorado County District Attorney Vern Pierson.

It would be easier if Nutting’s ouster was some sort of Judge-Shopping conspiracy by Vern Pierson.

But, it isn’t – it was an old-fashioned Small-County pissing match. Ray Nutting made himself vulnerable with his cavalier attitude toward doing his paperwork. Psychotic, vindictive El Do DA Vern Pierson caught him on it and hung a criminal case on it. Nutting’s continued lax attention to detail caused his ouster as he beat the original charges from Pierson, but got caught breaking the law whilst soliciting bail money.

However, the real news is that Vern Pierson’s stooges Deputy DA Clinchard and his Assistant really screwed up good. They went 1-10 in court. It was only the Hail-Mary Pass that fellow dead-fish society members on the board of supes threw to the judge that won the day for the Dead Fish Society.

How long will it be before Vern Pierson gets rid of Clinchard and his assistant? They failed. Vern Pierson loses sleep at night worrying about what people think of him, so you can make bank that the El Dorado light rail system is being prepared for them as I type this.

Meanwhile, Dead Fish Society President Vern Pierson successfully intimidated the very weak Judson Henry out of the race and coasted to re-election.

And Dead Fish Society Secretary Joe Harn also drubbed Mike Owen. Mike Owen is the individual I referred to as folding like a cheap lawn-chair.

Based on anecdotal accounts – it looks like the Dead Fish Society planted one of their operatives, Rodney Stanhope, in to Mike Owen’s Campaign. We have spent a lot of time detailing Rodney’s multiple brushes with the law, his unpaid child support and tax liens and his substance abuse (amongst other things) on this blog. It appears that since Stanhope is useful to the Dead Fish Society, that El Dorado DA Vern Pierson is content to let Rodney continue on as a free man. That is the only conclusion that seems to make sense to this blogger.

Rodney Stanhope made sure that the primary opponents of Joe Harn in El-Dorado County were isolated from Mike Owen. He also bungled events, disappeared for days on end, alienated people and basically did the opposite of everything you would do if you were running a real campaign.

Mike Owen’s excuse for not hiring better help was the recently dismissed and clearly politically-motivated lawsuit against Dan Dellinger and Cris Alarcon. Remember the story about the convicted sex-offender whose boyfriend ended up on the grand jury? Then Vern Pierson used that grand jury report as the basis for his suit?

If Pierson wasn’t psycho – he’d have made Ray Nutting the focus of all his energy. However, he had to live up to his butch haircut and go for all the gusto.

It is because of this stupidity that team Nutting will live to fight another day. The people at large in El Dorado County know that this was a political lynching.

Had Harn and Pierson had any political sense – they would be positioned right now to instill the new dead fish order on the entire county.

Vern Pierson thought he had a plan – “till he got punched in da fathe”. (and used Clinchard and his assistant instead of doing the job himself)

So now, the dead fish society has a special election to contend with and two political consultants with tremendous ties, influence and a renewed sense of purpose to contend with. Should Pierson attempt to take a second run at either Dellinger or Alarcon, it will be impossible and likely moved to another county.

In a sense, Pierson’s hands are largely tied – which leads us to the special election to replace Ray Nutting.

What will Joe Harn and Vern Pierson do? Who does the dead fish society recruit? Will they spread out amongst multiple candidates?

There is so much for Vern Pierson to attempt to control, it must be driving him to split bottles with Rodney.

Rumors are flying – in the next installment of the Dead Fish Society Update, we will sort through all of this for you…

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