Jun 222014

The Dead Fish Society has a problem.

El Dorado County elections are like a free-for-all. Every Supervisor election attracts 8-10 candidates. So, why wouldn’t the recently opened Sup D2 Race be any different?

Dead Fish Society member Rodney Stanhope has returned to El Dorado County where he has found a wealthy benefactor who simply thinks Stanhope is “misunderstood”. (according to sources in El Do County)

Until the September election – it appears she will be helping the deadbeat dad make his child support payments to the mother of Child #8.

Rodney Stanhope successfully destroyed the campaigns of Anna Bryson (AD73) and Mike Owen. He also advocated for other candidates that fared poorly.

Clair (no e) McNeal is claiming she will spend $50k to $100k on her run for Supervisor. With a carnival train-wreck as a campaign operative she will simply help introduce more people in El Dorado County to Stanhope. (Here comes Storage Wars 2.0)

Maybe Mr. Pierson and Mr. Harn aren’t quite so happy they gave this guy new life after all. While Stanhope worked his drunken magic on Mike Owen, like a case of political venereal disease, he has spread.

As a side note – Stanhope has made claims that McNeal is going to bankroll his next campaign for Vice Chair of the California Republican Party, or even Chairman. Maybe Rodney will run for President in 2016… as the legends in his head grow, that seems to be next.

So, check Clair (no e) McNeal off of the list of viable candidates. She is reputedly a wealthy women with a foul personality that lives off of her hatred of Ray Nutting. She is a great candidate for induction in to the Dead Fish Society – but it appears she hates Harn and Pierson, too.

Clair (no e) McNeal’s political background is thin. She, like Stanhope’s current wife has received appointed political positions from Congressman Tom McClintock. Most recently, Clair (no e) was appointed to the El Dorado GOP Cent Com by McClintock.

Like many on Cent Coms, she was an agent of chaos and drama that contributed little. She was the lone delegate to the CA GOP from El Dorado County that supported Rodney Stanhope for CRP Vice Chair in 2012.

When Rodney Stanhope lost his race in epic fashion (881-227) to current CRP Vice Chair Harmeet Dhillon (the first Indian-American Women ever elected to that high a position in any State Party) – Clair (no e) McNeal quit the El Dorado Cent Com.

So, we can stick a fork in Clair (no e) McNeal. She is set to waste a bunch of her husband’s money whilst helping enable Mr. Stanhope. They may be perfect for each other – but not outside a sanitarium.

There are some other players that intrigue me a little more – it looks like Ken Steers, he of the recent slap-on-the-hand (was it a limp-wristed one? but, I digress) DUI conviction, appears to have a stooge he is going to bankroll.

There are other charter members of the dead fish society swirling around the toilet bowl as well…

… we will get to the bottom of all of this soon.

(Dear Lawyers and Thin-Skinned people… this is called free speech and commentary. Deal with it)

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